Zorro's Medical Fund

Zorro's Medical Fund

From Ann McQuillen

Zorro, our 10 year old rescue ACD, was attacked by a coyote. His medical expenses are in excess of $4000 so far. That wiped our Emergency fund out. Looking to replace some of that money with donations.

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Last Saturday, Zorro, our semi-permanent 10 year old rescue cattledog, was attacked and severely injured by a coyote. The photo here is before he was injured. I'll spare you his current photos. They are not pretty. 

Zorro was attacked in his rescue yard by a coyote(s). The vets called the bites are savage. None of the other rescue dogs that were in their adjacent yards were injured. Just Zorro who is a pretty easy going guy. 

Zorro lost most of his left ear and had a 10+" gash under his chin where the other animal tried to rip his throat out. He had a 4+ hour surgery at Marqueen Emergency in Roseville on June 1. He's been improving but some of the tissue under his throat didn't look good. So yesterday, Dr. Johnson of Pleasant Valley Pet Clinic, did another hour to remove the drain and some tissue that had died. It's looks much better now and he reported that the subcu tissue is healing. He feels much better now that the drain is out. We changed his antibiotics and have him on heavy pain pills for a while longer. Zorro has been outside every day in that yard for years with never an issue...until June 1. 

The good news is that he's going to live. He won't be as "pretty" but we're okay with that. Poor boy got the crap kicked out of him and for those of you who know ACDs, you know it takes something tough to hurt them.

The bad news is that all the savings our 501 rescue had for emergencies was wiped out along with our re-fencing fund. We'd like to replace some of that money so we can add better fences this year. I don't want this to happen again! 

We sincerely appreciate anything you'd like to give to help support Zorro's healing and help our medical fund get back on its feet after this ordeal. Even if you can't give much, it all counts. Thanks for considering helping our boy. 

Hug your dogs.

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