Zoppah Equity Investment Opportunity

Zoppah Equity Investment Opportunity

From Siku Nkhoma

Zoppah is an online platform that facilitates Shopping in China Online for people from across Southern Africa and the rest of the world. Zoppah.com is on the verge of a breakthrough and needs capital to push forward.

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When Zoppah begun it as clear that we will need US$250,000 for the seed stage to ensure smooth set up given the global nature of our operations. We were only able to raise US$22,300 and have been bootstraping since inputting all we have. 

Zoppah begun its customer journey in December 2019, sadly in January we were met with COVID Challenges, we have tried to work with all we have BUT the compounding effects of the increased Shipping costs and trebbled Amazon Web Services costs means that we are now working with limited capital thats now negatively impacting our services. Despite all these challenges we have seen tremendous growth in the customer base and orders BUT we havent yet gotten to the 100 orders a day minimum which is needed to cover our costs. 

To cater for this challenge we undertook a Loan raising Crowdfunding process where Malawians and other people from across Southern Africa came forward in September and we raised US$50,000 as a loan to be repaid over the next 12 months. This had become a necessity as the business needed immediate cash injection to carry some of the Fulfilment Shortages. This has given a Breather BUT as it is now Zoppah is now in need of stable financing to carry it through especially stabilise it during these months when our order minimum hasn't reached the minimum needed to cover the running costs of Zoppah. Thats 100 orders a day. We have fully set up a fulfilment centre in China, and have teams in our core countries and we know we are ready and we thus need to just go over this threshold. 

As a startup Zoppah is performing well given its phase and has seen very high growth over the past few months. 

We have delivered orders to over 30 countries across the world as far as Philipine, Pakistan, Seychelles and Ukraine. Every week we now deliver to our Base (Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia) and several other African countries and also to the UK, USA and Australia. 

We have built a community of people interested in Shopping in China online since 2017 and we currently have a big group on Facebook Zoppah that has over 105,000 people that currently drives our sales. We believe if we continue with the momentum with orders being delivered timely we can reach 100 orders per day by the end of March 2021 and grow it to over 500 orders beginning of Quarter 3 in 2021. 

We are currently seeking Seed investors and we have gone through the first phase of Evaluations by the External Evaluators of First Dollar Deal and Astia who focus on Startups like ours. Our Proposal has been sent to Evaluators and we are Certain we will be able to get the initial investors needed for our Traction and preparing for scale. 

Zoppah needed US$250,000 to execute it's seed stage of founding, only US$22,300 was raised through friends and family in the initial Crowdfunding round and US$50,000 raised as a loan finance to cover some of the shortfall and has been bootstrapped for the whole of 2020. 

Due to the unprecedented growth, Zoppah is faced with a CashFlow crunch that needs urgent Capital Injection. 

Cash Flow financing to the tune of US$225,000.  

These funds are in the form of Equity. A comprehensive Valuation of Zoppah was recently undertaken which puts the shares at US$0.75 each. Please check the Valuation here for your comfort. To ensure we don’t leave anyone behind, Zoppah is facilitating the creation of a Trust to hold the stake on behalf of those interested in investing at least US$45. 

This call is open till the end of October 2020 as after that the Trust documents will be drawn for those who would have contributed towards this call. 

For those wanting to be direct investors, then one has to invest at least US$15,000 to be a direct Shareholder.

These funds are for stabilisation and ready for going to market, We are still negotiating with investors who are preparing for the Scale up of Zoppah and we are very certain that this interim process will be covered by the funds we are currently raising. 

These funds will ensure that we have a Float in China to ensure that our orders don’t have to wait for the funds to mature and also ensure we are covered for the Hosting fees especially now that our order numbers haven't gotten to the 100 orders a day that can sustain the big platform Zoppah needs. We shall continue Automating the bulk of our processes so as to increase on Efficiency, Once we cross over this part of our work, we shall engage in massive Marketing and this will entail a lot of work leading to exponential growth. 

Please check out our Pitch Deck for more information. You can also  link up via whatsapp on +265999987400 if you would want to proceed and be a Part of Team Zoppah. 

Is the Investment Worthwhile

Zoppah is currently the only probable African platform that can achieve viral growth due to the fact that its sourcing directly no other platform is able to. As much as it is tough now, we are very clear that once we pass through this curve, the only options will be exponential growth that will lead to real returns to Zoppah’s initial investors, as it Exits or grows further. We are looking at Zoppah from the point of utilising the stability that Chinese products give to be the entry proint for the Made in Africa products where currently we are supporting hundreds of groups from across Southern Africa to start producing their goods. Once we stabilise Zoppah will open up for Made in Africa goods to be on the platform. 

For us to achieve this we need investors like you, who believe in an African Dream being possible. Together we shall make history. 

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