Zoe Academy - Group Coaching & Emotional Health Platform

Zoe Academy - Group Coaching & Emotional Health Platform

From Jen Lee

Hope to help 1,000s by launching online Coaching & Emotional Health Platform in Albania. From earthquakes and trauma to stresses of everyday life, there is very little access to mental and emotional support.

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          Once in Albania, I reached a major turning point in my life.  I met two sisters, and they shared their story with me.  It was one of abuse and pain.  They were more concerned about the safety of their mother than their own trauma.  I have never felt the sting of empathy more in my life.  Maybe because their story mirrored my own.  Maybe because I felt completely powerless to help.  Over the next few days, we had coffee and I listened deeply.  They wrote 3 names on a small strip of paper so I could pray for them when I returned home.

      I made a promise in that moment that I would find a way to impact women - not just in my comfortable neighborhood but at a global level.  I would begin with making a difference in this country, with these precious hearts.  I got a lot of training and a lot of certifications.  In the end, I was just collecting more strips of paper.  Some of them, I put in pretty frames and hung behind my desk.

      It is time to get into action, make good on my promise.  To do the things that are hard because they are worthy and because they matter and because we have been called.

     God has put the right people in the right place at the right time.  I am working with a team of educated, overly qualified, passionate women who understand the power of coaching.  A value that is not a luxury but a birthright.  We are launching an online Group Coaching program called Zoe Academy – “Life School”.  It will be very inexpensive and very accessible.  Women all over the world will have access to multiple live group calls each week, workshops, training materials, 1 to 1 sessions, and a written coaching forum in their language.  We begin here and we will grow.

      Therapy is not an accepted concept in many countries.  In fact, there is a strong stigma against it.  And even if you can find it, you probably can’t afford it.  Through earthquakes, pandemics, and the traumas and stresses of everyday life you’re just supposed to be strong.  Be quiet.  But coaching equips and empowers people regardless of what has happened to them, regardless of circumstances - even if unfair and unjust.  Coaching is a new trend that people are open to and very interested in.  We’re taking academic theory and creating tools to help people in a laser-focused and culturally appropriate way.  The program officially launches September 1st.  

               We are asking for the $2,500 necessary to build our website and educational platform and cover initial tech fees and promotional expenses.

I still hold that strip of paper and those 3 women continue to drive me forward. 

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