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Zenman Energy

From Steve Nelson

It's time to replace fossil fuels with a better alternative. It's time for cheaper solar!

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Solar power is too expensive. That is the only real problem that solar power must solve. There is 15,000 times more sunlight than the entire human race uses. There is plenty of sunlight. There is plenty of available space to collect sunlight in both fields and on rooftops. Solar power produces no emissions and no greenhouse gasses. Solar energy can be stored for when the sun isn't shining.

Solar power is simply too expensive.

When we solve this problem, the world will change. When more money can be made from solar power than coal, why would we burn coal which produces greenhouse gasses and potentially harmful particulates in the air? When more money can be made from solar power than nuclear power, why would risk the dangers of nuclear contamination? When solar power is cheaper than oil, why would risk the possibilities of oil spills?

Zenman Energy is attempting to reengineer solar power to simply make it cost less. We are using science that has existed for decades and simply rethinking how to implement the science. We are trying different materials, different structures, different manufacturing process. 

When we can make solar power cheaper than fossil fuel, the world changes for the better. We need your support. We need you contribute.

Please consider becoming a regular monthly donor. Your contribution helps far more than you can possibly imagine!

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