Zelda Kitty's fundraiser for emergency vet visit

Zelda Kitty's fundraiser for emergency vet visit

From Georgina Gear

I am trying to quickly raise money to take my beloved cat to the vet ASAP

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Georgina Gear posted a new update:
over 1 year ago

Update #1

Wanted to give everyone an update, sorry I took till now. After calling around to every vet in town, including the local and surrounding emergency vet clinics, some were closed and open on the weekends, one said they were at capacity and they would have the doctor call me after explaining my cats situation only if the doctor decided it was emergent enough while at full capacity, and a couple that had 10+ hour wait times. Ended up getting into a couple lists of regular vet clinics that we're going to try to fit us in the next day if anytime opened inbetween appointments or they were cancellations. Yesterday he finally started drinking some water again and peeing, and instead of sleeping in a weird corner, he came and slept with me cuddled up for the night. This morning he seemed a bit more chipper, still no poops but has continued to take in water and urinate and is definitely less lethargic.. I want to hand him found him an appointment for Monday morning and I'm going to monitor him closely until then. He finally ate a little bit of wet pate this evening, but still no poop.. but is sleeping like a baby.. it's been a hard call to make but I think by going to his regular event Monday we will get a much better scope of what's going on because I'll actually be able to afford to do so.. so long as he doesn't get worse and continues to show some minor improvement otherwise I suppose the 10-hour wait it is.. I just feel the outrageous ER costs would put me in a tough situation with less options to move forward with since everything is over twice the cost of going to our vet clinic.. I hope it's the right decision and depending on if he keeps making improvements and were able to go to his vet for a more thorough visit or have to make the scarier choice of emergency vet knowing that I only have so much funds to work with, we will know by Monday at the latest what's going on.. thank you everyone so so much for helping my sweet boy be able to get care of he needs, I will update everyone again tomorrow as to how hes doing at that current time. Staying positive! I love you all and can't thank you enough!!

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