Yitzhaq's Recovery/Stability Fund

Yitzhaq's Recovery/Stability Fund

From Isak Nesvitsky

I'm a disabled gay Jewish man with intractable pain; I've been of no fixed address since December 2016 after I left an emotionally unhealthy living situation. Raising money to secure stability and ensure recovery.

Isak Nesvitsky

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Hey all. I'll try and get to the point as much as I can: I'm 29 years old, multiply disabled both physically and mentally, in intractable pain from a suspected congenital connective tissue disorder (HSD/hEDS), a survivor of parental, psychiatric and institutional abuse and a genderqueer/gender non-conforming gay man of transgender experience. I've been some variety of homeless/insecurely housed since December 2016, after I left an emotionally unhealthy and unsupportive household and proceeded to bounce around five or six different semi-legal living situations. I have no support from my biofamily and have not had contact with them since sometime in 2018.

I managed to secure a proper lease that had to be terminated partially due to a homophobic and antisemitic ex-flatmate -- I was literally assaulted by on the first night of Hannukah by a friend of hers and subsequently arrested because ex-flatmate and the attacker lied to the cops -- and I've been moving between temporary Council accommodations since April this year. In two of the shelters I stayed at, the staff harassed me repeatedly, again on homophobic and antisemitic grounds. Despite finally landing at a decent accommodation, I'm unlikely to get a Council flat for another year or so.

The current fundraiser goal is the maximum I can have in savings before my welfare benefits start being docked; it amounts to an extra £500 a month for 2020. In terms of pressing expenses, I need a winter coat and winter shoes. The money will go towards food, transportation and building up some kind of savings to facilitate long-term stability.

Thank you for reading all of this! I understand that times are hard for everyone, and of course, nobody is obliged to donate. If you can't spare anything but still want to help, sharing/signal boosting the campaign would make a big difference. 

Chag Hannukah sameach and a happy and peaceful Winter holiday to you and yours.

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