Zak's Final Semester

Zak's Final Semester

From Zachary Sommers

Graduation is in sight, but I need a little help getting there. In order to graduate this spring, I've had to cram a lot into a little time. This means my tuition goes up, but my time goes down. Help me finish strong!

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As many of you know, Moody Bible Institute in Spokane is being closed down at the end of this school year. As I evaluated what classes I had left, I came to the realization that if I crammed this last semester, I will be able to graduate this spring. Recently, I put in my official Graduation application and am set to walk with my friends this May! I'll have to take some classes in June, but I am allowed to walk! This is huge for me.

Growing up, I never thought that graduating from college was a realistic goal. But in high school, I had teachers who believed in me and suggested I started taking honors classes — I did. Then they suggested I take college classes — I did. Through my teachers and mentors, I finally believed that my life had a purpose and I was able to accomplish something great. When given an opportunity and challenge, I was able to rise up and succeed because of these amazing people.

My faith in Jesus has been the bedrock my success. If it were not for my faith, I would have given up on any potential for a fulfilling life. I would have settled and lived a life of complacency and safety. Through following Jesus, I have been challenged and stretched beyond what I thought was possible. Again, if it were not for Jesus, I would not be where I am today.

That being said, this semester is crazy. I am taking over 30 credits from January-June, managing my school newspaper, interning at World Relief, leading a high school group at church, and working at Starbucks.


What does this all mean? Well, since I'm taking so many credits, I have to spend the bulk of my time focused on my school work. BUT, in order to graduate, I also need to complete an Internship, enter World Relief (an unpaid internship). I've also decided to continue working as the Editor-in-chief of my school newspaper, which pays me directly by reducing my tuition bill. I love the work I'm doing with World Relief, but it has put me in a tough spot. I'm only able to work at Starbucks enough to cover rent and miscellaneous bills. I need to now pay for college while spending more time  the books and having less time available to work. I've had to be creative with my time. There are days where I will get up at 3am and go to work till 11am. Then go my internship from 11am-5pm. Then have class from 6pm-9pm. Life is crazy


Through the newspaper, federal aid, scholarships, and savings, I've exhausted my Spring tuition bill down to about $1700. In order to register for my final classes in Summer, I need to have this bill paid in full. Then, during the summer, I will have to stop working in order to complete a couple extensive and condensed classes to officially graduate. This will cost roughly $2500. Since I am unable to work any extra hours at Starbucks (which I would have normally done), I've been led to ask for help. Short of taking out a private loan with a disgusting interest rate, I've done just about everything I know how. 

Nevertheless, some way, come June, I will be a college graduate. Thank you, Jesus!

Please pray for what could be next for me. I couldn't thank you enough for the amazing support and encouragement that I have received during this expedited season of my life. 

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