Zach Meyer's Ministry + Seminary Fund (2 Years)

Zach Meyer's Ministry + Seminary Fund (2 Years)

From Zach Meyer

I am a 28 year old trying to make it through seminary while learning to love God, my wife, friends, neighbors, and myself. Would you help support my wife and I during this season of life? Read more below!

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Here is why Anna and I are in need of financial support...

I have just entered into my last 2 years of seminary at Covenant, having already completed 3 years of classes in order to obtain my Master of Divinity and my Master of Arts in Counseling. I hope to go on to be either a pastor or RUF campus minister when I graduate and use my counseling training to inform my pastoral ministry. 

I have been a full-time student over the past 3 years and we have been able to pay for my tuition and our cost of living through scholarships, Anna’s full-time job, and my part-time job.

Anna has been working as a kindergarten teacher at KIPP Academy the past three years and just got accepted into an Occupational Therapy program at Maryville University. This is an amazing opportunity for Anna and this calling fits her gifts and values so well. With this change we will both become full-time students and will be relying on the income from our part-time jobs as Anna will have to step away from her full-time position at KIPP. 

To pay for our Anna’s schooling we will take out loans and will pay them off after she graduates. For my schooling, I will be able to pay for the fall semester through scholarships that I have been awarded.

However, over the next two years we will need help paying for our cost of living. We have decided to ask friends for help in covering the cost of rent, utilities, and some gas for transportation. Would you consider supporting us over the next two years?

You might be wonder, “Zach, why don’t you just get a full-time job and go to seminary part-time?”

Though I have considered this and asked for counsel about this possibility, I have discerned that this would not be the best-case scenario. The reason for this is two-fold:

1)    My learning and growth at Covenant has been largely due to the interaction I have had with fellow classmates with whom I study, converse, and do life with. Going part-time would pull me out of my cohort of classmates and would remove this valuable component of my educational process.

2)    Most students don't have any time to get practical ministry experience to complement their classroom education. This underprepares them for the intensity of full-time ministry realities among their congregation like death, addiction, conflict, and poverty (see Richard Pratt's explanation of this here ). And, even worse, the overcommittment of the students every week during seminary chips away at their souls, leaving a lot of students feeling tired, burnt out, and distant from God by the time they graduate. This is part of why 50% of seminary graduates will not still work in ministry in 5 years, and why only 1 in 10 people who start in ministry will retire still in ministry. 

So, how will your gift help?

1)    Prevent us from having to go into further debt over the next two years.

2)    Help us to dedicate more time to our studies which will prepare us for entering into our callings.

3)    Allow me to spend time gaining practical ministry skills by serving in my roles of Deacon and Church Intern.

4)    Help us to have the time to invest in one another so that we can create a foundation for our marriage upon which we can build our family. 

Our needs can be broken down into:

·      Rent: $450 monthly

·      Utilities: $150 monthly

·      Gas: $200 monthly

·      Insurance (Auto & Health): $300 monthly

·      Groceries: $200 monthly

·      Total Monthly Need: $1,300 monthly

o   This is $15,600 yearly (FYI: when gifts are given off of the Fundly platform, I will deduct the total amount on our page).

Would you prayerfully consider supporting us with monthly giving? 

How to give:

1)    The easiest way to give a recurring gift is by going to our Fundly page and entering in your credit card information. Though this is the easiest way, it does have an 8% processing fee that will take the percentage out of your donation.

2)    The way to give that will remove the middleman is by sending us a check. Our address is 5011 Lansdowne Ave St. Louis, MO 63109.

3)    If you have Venmo, that is another way to give without a middleman involved.

How you can pray:

1)    For this summer to be a restful for Anna and I after our tough semesters

2)    For Anna’s health as we continue to look into the cause of some pervasive muscle pain.

3)    For success in raising the funds necessary to get us through seminary and occupational therapy school.

4)    For our ministry through our church and to our neighbors as we seek to show them the love of Jesus.

If you have any questions or just want to catch up, feel free to reach out!

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