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Zac Gilstrap Fund

From Zac Gilstrap

I'm raising money for a cause I care about, but I need your help to reach my goal! Please become a supporter to follow my progress and share with your friends.

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Zac Gilstrap

Sawtooth Relay 20012 - Team Zac Gilstrap

The Sawtooth Relay is a run/walk Relay From Stanley to Ketchum, Idhaho. The Toatal distance is 69.1 miles shared by 6 team memebers, Keely Eliason, Erik Eliason, Reid Stilman, Ramie Dennehy, Beth Stuart & Jamie Zotts.


Our goal is to raise money for Zac Gilstrap's recovery and rebliatation needs. Nearly 3 years ago Zac was blindsided to Marburg Variant Diesease, it is very aggressive form of MS. It Paralyzaed Zac both physically and mentally. Zac's first MRI showed a 5 inch leson on his spin, and a couple massaive lesions on the right side of his brain. Since the disease is to rare there are no known servours, Zac and his family have been put through 3 years of the unimaninable. Zac's family has had to take over 100% of his care, not while home but while in the hostpitals, making sure the doctors and nurses had Zac's best intrest.  On several occasions Zac's mother has to fight for treaments started by one doctor then ignored by another. Fortunatly Zac's family never gave up and he is manking an incrdible recovry. Zac has regained the use of his right arm and leg, he is starting to move his left arm and leg. He is regained some old memories and his short term memory is improving. Hei s no engaging in converstations, can add like crazy,play Yatzhee, wii bowling 7 other games. He loves Uno, feeds him self, and asks for things. This has all happend in the past 6 weeks. He dreams of the day he can play guitar again. Zac does horse therapy and has an amazing OT that comes 2 hours aweek. This fight is still not over for this family, they have come a long way but still have a long way to go.


Whether it would be a buisness or indivdual, we are searching for people who can help us raise money for Zac's rehabilitation with mometary donations. No amount is to small big or small. WE are designing a banner that will be on out race Vehicle with names and logos of our sponsers.  With 310 teams each sponser we get will be avertised to thousands of people. We thank you for your time and encourage your support. You are invited to follow our race, and most importantly Zac's rehabiliatation progress on facebook 

You can also donate by check:

Please make check payable to Bald Mt Rescue Fund & Memo Zac Gilstrap

Keely Eliason

PO BOX 6012

Ketchum Idaho 833340

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