IVF Baby Hope Fundraiser

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IVF Baby Hope Fundraiser

From Marissa Katrin Romero

IVF Baby Hope fundraising is dedicated to helping those with limited resources gain access to IVF and fertility treatments through scholarships.

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IVF Baby Hope Fundraiser and Our Mission

Welcome to the IVF Baby Hope fundraiser and to our infertility and IVF story. Our fundraising efforts will be dedicated to helping others with limited financial resources to cover medications, preimplantation genetic testing (PGS), and treatments.

The cost of infertility treatments and IVF can be extremely costly and out of reach for many people. Many will take out loans, get second mortgages, and save for long periods of time just to cover the costs and have a chance to have a baby.

Medications often range from 4-5k per cycle, which can add up depending on how many cycles are needed. Also, many people will forgo the PGS testing which can range from 3-5k because it is such a costly add on. However, PGS testing can be key in helping reduce the long term costs because it can help determine if the embryo is chromosomally normal or not. PGS testing can help reduce the chance of miscarriage and make IVF more successful. I personally did 3 transfers with non PGS tested embryos and unfortunately experienced 2 miscarriage's. 

Having a baby in my opinion is the best gift in life of all :) And I know for so many women and men out there, it is for them too. Please join me in helping give others the chance at having their dream come to fruition. Please donate whatever you can to help, no matter how small, it will go towards helping a couple in need! 


Our Infertility Story and Why We Are Here

Since I can remember I always wanted to be a Mom. But I had decided to wait to finish school and start a career, so it didn’t start becoming more of a reality as I entered into my early 30’s. 

For me, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be! I had come from a really large family on both sides, my Mom and her sisters had many kids, so I thought, it should be the same for me! I’ve been through a number of fertility treatments over a 9 year period including Clomid, Letrozole, IUI, and IVF and have experienced 6 miscarriages. The infertility crazy train as I call it! 

But ultimately, I don’t regret any of it, but I am sure my body and mental health would argue otherwise! My hope and husband has kept me going. Follow me on my continued journey by subscribing to my IVF Baby Hope YouTube channel and read about our full story.

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