Temple of Divine Union - Yurt Fundraiser

Temple of Divine Union - Yurt Fundraiser

From Amanda Ananda

The Temple of Divine Union will be a sacred space that supports all of us in feeling safe to be ourselves and trusting in the divine forces that support us.

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Introducing the Temple of Divine Union!

A transformational community space that supports deep healing and true connection. Lovingly created as an intersection for spirituality and sexuality to play together. 

Do you believe the world needs more authentic, heart opened, compassionate humans who feel empowered to care for themselves, their community and Mother Earth? We think so too! We believe it is possible when people experience Union.

Divine Union is what happens when we are inspired to see the Divine within ourselves or another person. To experience oneness. 

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A personal letter from Amanda Ananda + David M. Rinaldi, Creatrix and Creator of the temple space:

Thank YOU for taking the time to read this! Transformational Tantric workshops have changed our lives, healed us deeply and allowed us to experience a connection to the divine and community in ways we never thought possible. 

Amanda has known for years that she was meant to bring this type of experience to Connecticut. In 2015, She opened up Experience Ananda in downtown New Haven to create a community space where sexuality and spirituality could intersect and people could explore freely without judgment. Within two years we successfully created a community of 3000 seekers who came together regularly to shed masks and authentically relate. We had numerous international Tantra Teachers visit our community and share their wisdom with us.

The vision for the community was always to move the location into nature and have the mother (mama earth/ divine mother) support our work. Amanda wanted to offer deeper ceremonial work with the elements to thoroughly support the seekers attending our workshops (as well as my private clients) and that was not possible in the very urban setting. In 2017, she found the land and moved her family on to it! Beautiful 40 acres of magic in Killingworth, CT. Open fields, deep woods and complete with a sweet pond.  Amanda always envisioned a beautiful natural sacred temple, a structure to support the remembrance of who we really are and rebirth us into our new chosen reality.

Meanwhile David was dreaming up a similar vision that he began sharing with friends and family about buying a piece of land, building a yurt and holding community events there. In 2018, Amanda and David met (an epic love story for another time) and soon discovered they shared the same vision of creating conscious community space.

We are excited to announce we have begun construction on the new sacred temple structure and with we will be able to complete it by spring 2020!

It takes a village to create lasting change and we see the potential to create a close-knit, authentic, and thriving community that deeply supports one another and the next generation.  This community will feel supported in healing generational trauma through a sweet combination of tantric, spiritual and somatic techniques. Together we will rise out of drama and into love. Creating our version of Heaven on Earth together.

“Trauma is a fact of life but it does not have to be a life sentence” ~ Peter Levine 

Here is a small sampling of the offerings this temple will hold: 

Transformational Tantric Workshops lead by International Facilitators

Sensual Playshops

Sacred Medicine Ceremonies

Goddess New Moon/Red Tent Circles

Couples Erotic Workshops

Live Kirtan

Tribal (Family) Ecstatic Dance

Osho Dynamic Meditation 21 Day Challenges

Inner Child Healing Workshops

Sound Healing 

Fire Ceremony

Sacred Masculine Gatherings

Conscious Relating Workshops

Private Tantric Sessions

Private Healing Sessions

Testimonials for Experience Ananda

“It’s rare to find a sacred space like Experience Ananda, in which the participants can truly be authentic with all of their emotions and find their way back to love, playfulness, and genuine and community connection. One of my most beloved experiences was a Tantra Puja co-facilitated with Monique Darling. Walking into the room and seeing rose petals scattered gracefully on the floor coupled with the soft glow of candlelight, all I could do was cry with joy. I felt treasure, beloved, and adored as the Divine Being which I am, and I can say truly that it was the most romantic experience of my life. If you’re longing for that place to reconnect your heart and soul, know that Amanda Ananda is the sensual master goddess of creating these unrepeatable, unforgettable Tantric moments.” ~ Christopher Marsala

 “Experience Ananda opened up a world of possibilities in New Haven - a place to discover one's Yes-es and a place to discover that one could still be loved, cherished, and included while one explores one's No-es. I met so many wonderful people, and it was great to have a place where I could introduce my friends to these wonderful ideas and values.” ~ Robin G.

 “Finding this place has been one of the best fortunes of my life. If you need calm, and connection, look no further. When you walk into a place and all of a sudden feel at peace, that says more than I can ever portray. I look forward to returning for more workshops and more sessions in the future.” ~ Luis Velez

The Team making it Happen!: 

Amanda – Creatrix, The Tantric Mama 

Serving my community brings me the deepest fulfillment possible. Crashing Waves of Gratitude for everyone who has said 'YES!' to attending a workshop or session with me and trusted me to support them. It still blows my mind that I am able to offer these profound teachings and touch the hearts and souls of so many sweet beings <3 

Darryl - Innovative Carpenter

Massive Gratitudes for this one! He has listened to me yammer on about my visions for years and relentlessly supported them. Sometimes repeatedly drafting things because I wanted to change something. Without this one, there would be no yurt! Nor would it function so epically! 

David - Creator, Visionary & Project Manager 

Deep Bows of Gratitude that this being arrived in my life when he did. He has waterfalls of potent energy that he generously shares with me and the community. Spending his valuable time researching and organizing all the yurt project related stuff I would lose my mind in boredom over, (I just couldn't get into solar panel research!) As well as routinely empathetically listening and squelching my doubts, fears, and anxieties about manifesting such a huge project! I would have given up by now.

Forest – Community Mystic

This magical being supports me and this project ceaselessly. We have been working together closely for the past half a year and I feel blessed to have their presence in my life and supporting this dream. They are an incredible space holder for ultra-deep transformation.

Introducing our EXTRAORDINARY Angel Investors - Rob 

Amanda: Rewind to just a few months ago, July 2018. The first half of my year was not going according to plan. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was on the brink of financial ruin. I felt deeply called to attend an event to further my career and continue my tantric education. Facing financial difficulty, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it happen! Spirit was clear with me though. “ DO IT. GET THERE. TRUST ME. FIND A WAY.” 

And I did! With LITERALLY my last few dollars of credit card space I took the leap of faith and showed up fully to the immersive tantric business retreat. Besides massively upgrading my tantric practitioner skills, I also was able to network with incredible beings. Over the next few days together we shared who we are, our missions, our visions, our passions our goals. 

As we completed the closing graduation ceremony of the event and headed to our final lunch together, I sat down alone and began to recap my experience… what had I learned and gained? I started to assess if this experience was really worth the investment. Had I received all that was intended for me? I had taken a huge leap and I wasn’t sure my faith was paying off. 

In a moment of divine synchronicity, Rob decided to sit with me and stated he saw me, my vision, my passion, my clarity and wanted to support me. He wanted to be an angel investor! I literally broke down into tears, sobbing in gratitude and deeply touched. Fully receiving his support, I felt my whole body relax and deeply breathe again. I realized I do not have to carry out these giant dreams and visions alone. I can’t. I won’t. I need others. I need community. I needed angel investors. 

As we began to work on the plan and schedule for the Yurt we had another investor promise money and then drop out, which felt devastating, but then miraculously 2 more investors arrived to fill the gap! These generous beings allowed us to start the construction phase. 

My angels have arrived. I thank goddess daily for them <3     

Behind the Scenes and Budget

What will it take to construct this beautiful, loving space for healing and community? Here’s the breakdown:

30' Yurt  - $17,550

Platform - $3,500

Wood Stove - $950

Off-grid Solar - $2,800

Misc & Décor (fabric, mats, blankets, lights, etc) - $1000

Labor - $6,500

Total = $32,300

We have $10,000 from our Angel Investors, which leaves $22,300 as the absolute minimum we need to raise to make this dream come true.

We would be absolutely honored if you decided to be a supporter of this project and help with the completion of the yurt and it’s erection! 


Amanda's offerings: 


$50 - 45 min Recorded Tantra Nidra Meditation 

For deep relaxation, realigning your life, manifesting intentions.


$75 - 30 min Tantric Breakthrough Session

Connect with me for 30 divine minutes and allow me to support you in your next personal/spiritual/relationship breakthrough!


$100 - Tantric Nightside Table Bliss Box

Gift yourself or a beloved a box of Tantric Bliss!! Box Includes: organic massage oil, organic lube, tantric book, blindfold, feather (Great Tantra Starter Pack! 5 Available) 


$125- Recorded 40 min Tantric Self Pleasure Practice

Delight in the pleasure of your body as I guide you to deeper levels of bliss through the touch of your own hands <3 This will support you in reaching orgasmic states of yumminess again and again and again ;)


$150 - Tantric Combo

Receive a 30 min Tantric Breakthrough Session, Tantra Nidra Meditation AND the Tantric Nightside Table Bliss Box!! (Only 10 available)


$175 - Personalized Record 1 hour Tantric Practice

30 min breakthrough session and Recorded 1 hr Personal Tantric Practice to support you in reaching higher levels of cosmic bliss based on your personal needs (5 Available)


$200 - Tantric Coaching Session 

Receive 1 hour of support in creating a personalized tantric practice for yourself or with your beloved! Within one hour we will co-create a beautiful tantric ritual to support you in feeling deeply connected to yourself and your divinity. (5 available)


$500 -  Private Tantra Bliss Event 

Gather your closest friends and allow me to create and facilitate an evening you will never forget! (2 available, must be located in New England area)


$2000 - Private Tantric Play Party

Gather your closest friends and lovers and allow me to create and facilitate the sexiest, most liberating experience you will never forget (2 available, must be located in New England area)


$2222 - Year Long Tantric Coaching Support

Receive monthly long for a year. Allow me to support you in creating the life of your dreams. Full of pleasure, peace bliss! (2 available)



Ananda is an International Tantric Facilitator and Domestic Goddess of 2 outrageous young boys. Amanda has a diverse background that allows for a unique, blissful and radiant experience to unfold in her workshops, online courses sessions. She has studied with The School of Tribal Tantra based on Kashmir Shaivism and Shamanic Ritual, Ipsalu Tantra – Kriya Yoga based on Osho’s dynamic teachings, and Babaji Nagaraj’s esoteric Cobra Breath Technique and Urban Tantra combining modern tantric philosophy with conscious kink. Amanda as a life-long immersed herself in the sacred teachings from the Temple of Isis and Mary and is most recently now diving deeply into Somatic Trauma Healing. She encourages you to live blissfully in this intense world by gently taking care of yourself and making joyful well-being your first-and-foremost priority. Her techniques will help you to become embodied with simple-yet-profound, heartfelt tools that you can apply in your daily life with Amanda will assist you to clear the “murky gunk” that blocks you from your true light, guiding you in opening up to the miracle of life, and embracing the bubble of (or, in English, bliss!) that is constantly accessible to us all. She is tremendously enthusiastic and humbled to share these teachings with the wonderful souls who say ‘HEAVEN’S YES’ to time spent with her can follow her at Amanda Ananda on Facebook or @thetantricmama on Instagram. Go to www.TheTantricMama.com for free meditations, online courses, private sessions event schedule:

David's Offerings:


$108 – Inner Child Healing Session

In this session, David M. Rinaldi guides you to meet your inner child. Begin to heal the wounds of trauma, abuse, bullying, punishment & shame. Send your inner child love, compassion and understanding. During we may perform a rescue, intervene in past events, rewrite stories or release stuck emotions. You will gain the tools to build a lifetime relationship. Sessions are available online or in person and last ~90 minutes. (6 available)


$136 – Past Life Regression 

Explore ancient realms, release energetic blocks & receive healing wisdom from the past in this powerful hypnotherapy session with David M. Rinaldi. Sessions are available online or in person and last ~2 hours. (6 available)



David is a healer, therapist, soul development guide, tantric yogi, and amateur solar power enthusiast. David uses a combination of Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Regression, Somatics, Breath Work and Guided Meditation to help his clients break through and dissolve old patterns, limiting beliefs and destructive habits so they can live the fullest expression of their lives. David has long dreamt of creating a space for community and healing, so he is abundantly enthused to be a part of this project.


Forest's Offerings:


$150 - Healing Session

In a session with Forest, you will be brought deeply into a state of consciousness where you will see auras, have access to past lives, and see the presence of god around you visually with your eyes. More importantly, you will have access to yourself free especially your own. This state of consciousness allows deep healing to occur, providing the space for you to experience the fullest expression of yourself, in harmony with the world. (5 available)


Upon being struck by lightning three different times, Forest answered his call to the healing path. Forest has trained with a variety of teachers from a multitude of traditions including don Miguel Ruiz. he is a ceremonial leader, spiritual teacher, and offers private sessions of his healing practice in Glastonbury, Connecticut.


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I look forward to experiencing loving community with you!

Together we rise in love <3 

Amanda Ananda 

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