YouTube channel promotion

YouTube channel promotion

From Michael Moss

I am an independent entrepreneur raising funds to network, market, and expand my YouTube channel to connect and build a community of content creators, & motivational inspired individuals of positivity & self development

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Hello to all within this community wishing many blessings and prosperity to all of you. To begin with I am a young man 30 yrs of age from Gulfport MISSISSIPPI, & raised by a single mother after my parents divorced this has lead to the lack of having , my father in my life as much as i would have liked to throughout these years up until now which caused me alot of internal pain that I could not understand at one point but managed to come to a place of acceptance and make peace with things that happened which I had no control or responsibility over as a child but as I learned to be more optimistic and see the lessons granted from our hardships  that can later serve us as our rewards to be creative and achieve what is worth building by taking the best out of what we have by being grateful for what we do have I am thankful that as a mother my mom did the best she could by raising me giving me a foundation where I grew and learned to have respect, compassion, and generosity for others and through that I learned that it pays alot at a priceless value to just simply be kind to people and so my inspiration for living is adding value to the lives of others by common courtesy and simple acts of kindness. It has not granted me an easy path, in fact I have often been pushed to the back, neglected, and outcast from the front doors to the back in the fields of interest that I have set out on and tried to pursue financially, socially, sports, school, and etc. And as hard as that has been I never gave up I just knew that there has to be much more to life for those who wish to see the light in others and circumstances than the heartache from failure and not being accepted by what we choose i just soon came to the conclusion that i have to try and make a way for myself by choosing to believe in myself and succeed by accepting to be successful within myself and that its up to me to believe in myself and rely on myself. So I have started my journey as a YouTube content creator making motivational videos with a laptop that I received for Christmas, to inspire and motivate others to do the same that they are enough to be more than  enough and overcome in order to overcome hardships through the challenges life throws at us by finding self acceptance and peace with who we are as a high achievement in whatever it is that we set out to do my vision and goal is to one day soon promote this by becoming a motivational speaker with an influential networking and platform to do good work In communities and hopefully worldwide though I have been unfortunate with support from friends, family, & social circles I feel simply because they just do not find me to be worth the time to acknowledge as someone or something relative to thier interest I also have not been fortunate to receive assistance by financial institutions or banks due to my low credit score as a result due to lack of knowledge and guidance about credit and finances combined without having a sure direction struggling to find myself i made some poor decisions in the past that I would not have made wishing i knew some things that I did not know then but that i know now I am hoping I can be given a second chance one day by someone willing to see hope in the hope that I desire to help others see as well I believe that by managing and promoting my YouTube channel full time as a campaign this will further motivate me and open the door to the many possibilities in which I wish to create and aspire to inspire hope in others. Fro anyone out there who would be willing to donate anything towards my journey I'm growing my channel all donations would grateful the funds will go towards trusted and results proof digital ad video ad networks, publishing & advertising partners,  advertising, and content promotion platforms to Monetize my YouTube channel and expand for any help I am greatful for and thank you so much for your generosity and compassion to pour into what I am doing.

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