Youth of the Great Sioux Nation: Peace & Prayer Ride

Youth of the Great Sioux Nation: Peace & Prayer Ride

From Candi Brings Plenty

Onto our next journey...we received our directives & Pejuta from our ancestors at Standing Rock on the frontlines. With that knowledge we will guide the youth to carry forward the fire on a Peace & Prayer Ride. #NoKXL

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We will be guiding our next generation in ceremony, on a peace & prayer ride on horseback, to carry the sacred fire from Standing Rock to Green Grass, SD. This will take place on the colonizer’s Day of Independence, July we will COUNTER ACT in peace and prayer to call in healing medicine for ourselves and those ancestors who fought and came before  us.

This is also a healing ceremony, to acknowledge that this country was built on stolen lands, that climate change is real, that we need honor and protect Unći Maka (Grand another Earth) and to acknowledge that we do not want anymore Missing & Murdered from these Pipeline man camps. We are openly inviting all MMIW2S groups from across Turtle Island to come be apart of this walk as there will four days dedicated in honor of missing and murdered Loved Ones. Please contact: Candi for details

This ride is in peace and prayer and not in anyway riot boosting. It is a healing ceremony and a display of expressing our Religious Freedom in the form of a cultural means to literally and spiritually continue the sacred fire of our ancestors. 

  The “Oćeti Śakowin” WAS NOT just an encampment at Standing Rock during the NoDAPL movement, it is an Okolakoćiyé of seven sacred fires that represent the seven tribes who protect the water source, the livelihood of our people and ceremonies along the Missouri River. The Oćeti Śakowin moves to sacred sites and sites of ceremony with our ancestors and energy, like a living being.

On this ride, we will be mending those open wounds left from Standing Rock and physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically moving forward. Joye Braun, Candi Brings Plenty, Oscar High Elk & Clarence Rowland are the lead organizers of this event...but the youth will at the front of this movement to carry forward our Lakota/Dakota/Nakota spiritual birth rights as the Indigenous Nations ans protectors of this land.

We invite all riders, Water Protectors, elders, allies and peaceful & prayerful supporters.

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