Youth Expressions

Youth Expressions

From Jacob's Heritage Foundation

The magazine is to enlighten our youth to discover, create, develop and express their gifts, talents, skills and life experiences. So, become a supporter to follow our progress.

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"GREAT MAGAZINE, WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU !" Is what our supporters are saying during our promo campaigns. We are raising fund to publish a youth magazine. Our magazine will serve a purpose to   enlighten our youth; to discover, create, develop and express their gifts, talents, skills and life experiences.

Successfully raising $30,480 will allow us to initiate our mentoring workshops to at risk youth. The conversion process with our youth consist of group discussions and one on one with volunteers.

Our discussion base iscombating gangs, violence, teen pregnancy, negative peer pressure, personality issues, lack of etiquette, conflict resolution problems, poor academics, loss of faith, and self-respect and other negative influences, through life skill workshops.

We plan to publicize our youth talents and guide them in a sensible cause or position in life that may allow them to give back to their communities. We want to train youth in Photo Shop and Microsoft InDesign to  and that just a couple of job created fields we offer from our magazine. Furthermore, journalism, local and regional distribution, and marketing are other created jobs we have to offer from our magazine - a for youth by youth magazine.

We also plan to remain a online magazine for three years while keeping our print cost down and intensifying our online presence. We will do low print for sales at our fundraisers and for our youth to sale to friends, family and community. The magazine is published every other month.

Magazine designer: Magazine designers gets paid $30 for each approved designed page. 12 page magazine at $30 a page equals $360 a magazine to create. $360 time 6 magazine gives us a total sum of $2,160 for 1 year worth of print.

Journalist: $40 per writing is paid to our young journalist. Also, our journalist have incentives to do audio/video interviews for $50 per interview. Unlimited interview can be submitted but must be a implementation by staff and approved and paid out according to budget. We set aside $2,000 for journalism and interviewing stipends.

Marketing: Our marketing consist of hosting our site, cost for online third party promo apps and is broken down to $250 monthly cost

Distributors: Distributors are more so on commission based. Youth are allowed to purchase our magazine for a buck 50 cents and pass them off for 3 dollars to friends, family and community events.

Print: Magazine print done only 6 times a year at $500 for 1,000 copies.

As you can see in our expense/profit sheet, we have made our fundraising money back in 3 years by doubling it by 50% giving us a total of $60,330.50 to continue our job creation efforts.

We will be able to give stipend payments to over 200 youth considering other operations from our organization  thanks with your help and Youth Expressions.  Please check out our Work Force Development proposal and our Restaurant Business Plan in our links.

Work Force Development Proposal For Youth

Youth Culinary Restaurant Business Plan:

IRS paperwork / Guidestar Approved

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