Your Ultimate Guide to Instagram Carousel Posts

Your Ultimate Guide to Instagram Carousel Posts

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Building the worth of your business on social media is the first step towards success these days. You should build a successful social media marketing strategy before making any efforts on other parts of the business. Carousel posts are an important essential of your engaging posts, they keep you closer to the goals that you want to achieve for your business. Instagram is all about making good relationships with your audience by engaging with your content and making long-lasting customer relationships.

Instagram has various features that you can use to keep your audience engage and increase the value of your post. You can work on reels, stories, and videos on your feed or even try to create appealing single images. When it comes to trying carousel posts you’ll feel that they have a higher engagement rate rather than other types of posts. Because people spend more time on them and try to go through every single image. You can even schedule your carousel posts using tools and they’ll be posted automatically. Keep on reading to explore more amazing facts.

Basics of Instagram Carousel Post

Instagram carousel posts are a group of multiple photos or videos that you can share in a single post to leverage more users. Just like you buy 50 Instagram comments UK to attract more followers to your account. Also, you just need to swipe left to view all of them and you can add up to 10 photos or videos or a mixture of both in a single carousel post. You can add a surprise for your followers in a carousel post, ask them to keep on scrolling, and unveil the surprise. This can allow you to be more creative with your content. People will keep on swiping through your carousel post and this will eventually increase the engagement rate. Besides that, you can also provide information about your service or product step by step. Although you can post 10 photos or videos of any size it's better to keep them at least 1080 x 1080 pixels with a 1:1 ratio. Your videos should not be more than 60 seconds. Instagram algorithm triggers such posts and shows more than once to them. So when a user misses or skips the carousel post, the next time he’ll go through it, Instagram will show a second image of the carousel post.

Things to Consider Before Creating Instagram Carousel Post

Before you start looking for ways to create a carousel post it's better to keep some important details in your mind for a better post:

·         Think about the idea that why you chose a carousel over a single image post or video.

·         Canva is the best tool to create amazing carousels with appealing features.

·         Make a sequence of your photos and videos of how you want to add them. Either you want to tell a story in steps or want to blend one image into the next.

·         Write down text in a separate place that you want to add to your images.

·         Come up with an exciting caption for your carousel post that engages users.

Several Ways to Create Instagram Carousel Post

You might be thinking that creating carousel posts can only be possible in one way, well there are several ways through which you can do it. Just like if your community is not getting better you can simply invest money in the right source to buy 100 Instagram comments UK and get an instant increase in engagement rate. Just keep following the points below:

·         Install the Instagram app or simply open it if it's already installed and log in.

·         Now just click on the + icon on your Instagram home screen.

·         You’ll see a double-layered square in the middle right, click on it.

·         Now you need to click on the images that you want to select.

·         The sequence in which you select them, it’ll appear in the same sequence in the carousel post.

·         You can select filters differently for every image, to give a different look to your images.

·         Also, this will keep your followers engage.

·         Besides that, you can also edit them by adding more brightness, saturation, or other features.

·         Now just click on the blue tick when you are done.

·         Keep on repeating this step until you reach the last image.

·         Now simply click on the blue arrow at the top right corner and move forward toward the next step.

·         Here you can add location, tags, and captions of your carousel if you want to. Besides that from there, you can choose where you want to share your posts on other platforms.

·         If you are trying to add a link in your caption this will not be converted into a hyperlink and your followers cannot click on it.

·         Now just click on the blue tick icon and it’ll be shared.

Create Carousel Post with Canva

You might have heard about Canva before, if not yet let us tell you all the amazing features it offers. It provides you with amazing templates that are ready-made and you just have to make little changes to them according to your need. Even if you don’t have a laptop still you can use Canva on your phone. Just like if you cannot handle leads issue, you can buy 100 Instagram views UK to lure more users. Try exploring Canva by visiting and you’ll get to acknowledge amazing and easy-to-use software.

Purpose of Using Carousel Posts

If you are still unaware of the benefits of carousel posts and what you can get while using them, below are some points discussed for your ease:

-          You can show the scenes of your product, service, or any tutorial. Show your audience what’s going on behind your workspace.

-          You can tell your followers a recipe in steps or tell them your story step by step.

-          As discussed above give them a surprise and urge them to scroll up to the last to find out.

-          Reposting the content that you have posted earlier, you can make a carousel of it and it’ll be shown as new content to users.

-          Add before and after a procedure.

Final Words

You can make a powerful and engaging post with a carousel post by sharing different ideas in a single post. Provide brand awareness and promote your product with carousel posts. Also, this can be an amazing source to drive sales of your brand and achieve your business goal.


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