Young Leaders Scholarship 2022

Young Leaders Scholarship 2022

From Dom Holmes

The Young Leaders Scholarship Fund was created to help create a path to continue growth and development for the young leaders of our communities, as an investment in the changes we want to see today and tomorrow.

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Dom here from the Young Leaders Scholarship Fund, I am a community organizer around issues of urgent importance such as affordable housing, fair job opportunity, and safe communities. I started this fund   largely because I wish I had come across a fund like this very one during my post-secondary education. Coming from a humble working class background, I often found myself working multiple jobs, balancing full-time course work, and remaining highly involved in doing community based work. For me, this balance of school, work, and advocacy around important issues has been foundational in cementing my values that we all deserve a fair shake and an opportunity. 

I was nothing short of lucky to have made it through, I hold it as no secret that my academic performance suffered due to my balancing of financial burden and intent to help others as often and as much as I could. Many in situations like my own do not finish, because the financial burden just proves too immense to overcome. The experiences and opportunities presented during my post-secondary education have time and time again proven to be invaluable, and yet so many young people not dissimilar from myself miss these opportunities merely because of the price tag. I have been enabled to do the work I do and help serve our communities because of these experiences, and it pains me to imagine how many potential young leaders are never enabled to do work like this simply because they can't afford to. 

Why should you give to the Young Leaders Scholarship Fund? There are many scholarship funds out there, but the vast majority focus on academics as a primary basis for consideration, but I've demonstrated through my story why for working class students an outstanding GPA may not be realistic. This fund focuses on the real work that these aspiring young leaders have been doing and intend to keep doing in our communities for the greater good. This scholarship fund is quite literally an investment directly back into our communities for the long term, through young people who are ready to carry the torch of change. All they need is our support and for us to have their back the way they will have all of ours.

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