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I am raising money towards the awareness and the discrimination of mental illness treatment in Developing countries with Kenya as a start.

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Having lived in a developing country for a big part of my life, some challenges like mental health are hardly or never taken seriously at all. This has factored to the recent spike new and relapsed cases of people with mental illness. Governments in Africa lack the essential skills and equipment in dealing with such diseases that cannot be seen. 

I have seen close relatives and friends succumb to mental illness lacking the proper treatment in dealing with this health complication. From a lack of institutions to take care of such diseases to the discrimination and mistreatment of patients that have the disease, these are just a few of the challenges that affect them. Most if not the entire world has suffered from one or many of this illness so we all understand the effect that they can have towards one's mental.

That's why this project is really important from experiencing this first hand. This project will take part in certain areas within the country, the hotspot for mental illness, which has been vetted and predetermined by a task force. This project will fund and help every single person in society from young children to the elderly. By separating the needs of different age brackets the campaign seeks to individually treat each person as a unique being.

Since mental health is rising in developing countries, rolling out of the campaign will be in certain stages to integrate the community into the program. Workshops, Conventions, and Seminars are the genesis of the campaign as a way of educating the people on the importance and relevance of mental health. 

The second wave will include the completion of the Mental Health Hospital and the beginning of the rehabilitation of patients with existing mental illnesses that have been shunned by the community and their adequate and appropriate treatment. The site for the hospital is under review with negotiations between us and the Kenyan Government are still in the works. The hospital is bound to be completed in 2022 with a bed capacity of 200. This institution will be specifically for mental health patients.

The final wave will encompass every other member of society in their treatment and continuous education of mental health. The expansion of the campaign will now be reviewed and rolled out to neighboring regions in the continent.

Staff in the hospital will be required to have a good educational background and will be taken through intense interview sessions with a compulsory one-year training in health care and certification in the diagnosis (DSM-V), effective treatment, and prevention of mental health.

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