You, Me and CBD: Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Guide

You, Me and CBD: Our Mental Health and Wellbeing Guide

From Sohail Ahmad

It would be fair to say that we are all under a lot of stress right now. The Covid-19 pandemic and political tensions across the world have had a significant effect on people's health and wellbeing

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It would be fair to say that we are all under a lot of stress right now. The Covid-19 pandemic and political tensions across the world have had a significant effect on people's health and wellbeing. However, one particular product has taken the world by storm these days, especially during uncertain times like this - CBD, or also known as Cannabidiol.

As with most things, starting at the very beginning is certainly the best place to proceed from. The same applies to learning more about taking CBD oil for anxiety and stress and its relationship with our mental health and wellbeing.

So, What is CBD?

Well, CBD, or cannabidiol, is oil taken directly from the plant that cannabis comes from. Though there are multiple different compounds within the cannabis plant, two of them we are all much more familiar with because we have heard much more about them. These are THC and CBD. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is the compound that gives a "high" when it has been eaten or cooked in high concentrations.

What does CBD do, though?

Actually, this is a compound without any psychoactive or psychological adjusters and, therefore, it cannot create the "high" that is felt with THC. CBD products are different from THC because they must contain less than 0.3% THC within them to be able to be classified as CBD, so as not to have a psychoactive effect.

If CBD does not give you a "high" like marijuana, then why do so many people love CBD so much?

There are actually many reasons and despite one of the main attractions being that CBD benefits people who suffer from chronic pain conditions, epilepsy and cancer, CBD products are also ideal for people who face challenges with their mental health, wellbeing, or anxiety, and are looking to find a positive way to take steps to wellbeing enhancement.  

CBD calms bodies down

Did you know that 1 in 13 people worldwide (WHO) suffer from some sort of mental health anxiety-related condition? Using CBD oil is the preferred method for many people facing mental health challenges, instead of using prescribed medication because there are so few, or even no side effects, at all. Your wellbeing and overall health is the most important thing you've got, so this is something we should all look after in every possible way that we can! Due to this, CBD oil is usually the chosen method for people looking to take steps to wellbeing enlightenment in a safe way. Anxiety can be crippling, but CBD benefits can help to override the sweating, fear, hammering heart, feelings of nausea, and so much more.

Using CBD oil for anxiety has been proven as being a highly effective method due to the calming nature of this compound. Though CBD oil for anxiety is not the only one of the CBD products to be effective for this purpose, the dosage appears to be the most important factor for getting the most out of this clever alternative therapy. It also seems clear that the subjective tolerance that each user has for the CBD oil and the way in which it is taken will have a direct impact on its effectiveness, as this is not at all a "one size fits all" approach.

The ABC of CBD benefits

With so many reasons as to why the users of CBD products already love CBD, it might be overwhelming to know where to begin when talking about the overall best parts about CBD benefits. The ABC of CBD benefits, therefore, seemed like an appropriate conclusion for this mental health and wellbeing guide. We hope that this helps you to realise and understand more about CBD benefits, as well as aiding you to take the next steps to wellbeing promotion for yourself.

Anxiety is a very difficult mental health issue and is hugely complex because it can be rooted in so many deep-seated causes. CBD benefits anyone with anxiety because it interacts so well with serotonin in the brain, which helps to lift what is often described as "brain fog." This results in anxiety and anxiety symptoms being reduced, and, in some cases, eradicated completely. For some people with anxiety, CBD products enable them to get their physical anxiety symptoms under control so that they can function more easily. There are also cases where mental signs of anxiety, as well as the physical giveaways, have been reduced drastically, too.

Depression and anxiety disorders usually go hand in hand and are two of the most common mental health labels we hear of. Sufferers love CBD as it enables them to control their thoughts, feelings and emotions without the side effects of prescription medication, it does not cost a fortune, and there are dosages, strengths and flavours to suit all users.

The way in which CBD products work has a direct impact on the brain. This is due to the receptors in the brain and how they react with the dopamine and serotonin levels. This is like the brain balancing itself out and finding its equilibrium. CBD benefits are plentiful, especially when it comes to the brain. Did you know that using CBD can increase the amount of dopamine within your body? This is your "pleasure chemical" and makes you feel happy. Who doesn't want more of that! When it comes to brain balance, the level of serotonin in the body is not increased by CBD products but helps your brain to recognise them differently. This helps to reduce anxiety, the feeling of sickness, depression, pain, and so much more!

Many mental health disorders are positively impacted by using CBD products due to the fact that they have such a calming influence. This is especially helpful for anyone subjected to anxiety as the calming effect helps to stop shaking, sweating, nausea, a fast-beating heart, panic, fast breathing and many other physical and mental symptoms common with anxiety. 

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