You Cannot Be Replaced

You Cannot Be Replaced

From Melissa Dayton

Manasquan Elementary and Manasquan High School teacher appreciation day!

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We've changed this campaign for the Day. We're raising funds for our teachers who have had such an awful week. Tuesday is teacher appreciation day, we'll split the amount between the two schools. 

(this campaign already had $300 for UD, so dont  let the amount fool you!) We'd like at least a $250 gift card for each school to do what they want with. Help us out please!

We encourage youth and adults to value themselves and the people around them by practicing altruism and a pay it forward mentality. This is done simply by the passing of bands marked with the slogan ‘I Can NOT Be Replaced’, accompanied with an affirmation focusing on the importance of the person receiving the band. Encouragement is infectious and produces hope and regard for the value of each human life.

The second tier of the project is a website with information for youth on the value of the whole person and the importance of ‘redefining success’ as true contentment using your gifts and talents for others.  We support this by providing a variety events that are safe, fun and substance free that give the opportunity to make a difference, Even if it’s a small one.

For parents there is a blog with articles and links to resources. Workshops on finding real success and passion in life are coming. Because those who know who they are and what they're good at, have reason to make good choices.

‘You Can NOT Be Replaced’ encourages confidence in the unique value of one’s own gifts, talents and life. Then encourages focus on those around us. All grounded in the belief of the good in each individual encouraging one another leads to forming stronger families and a better community.

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