Yessenia's Fight Against Brain Cancer

Yessenia's Fight Against Brain Cancer

From Jacinda Mayorga

Yessenia is a young single mother who was just diagnosed with Brain Cancer. She was placed on medical leave with no pay. Her daughters father passed away and needs help to provide for her daughter in such hard times.

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This is my friend Yessenia she is wonderful person. She is outgoing and gets along with everyone. If your feeling down she brings you up. She is always doing for others no matter what. In 2012 yessys daughters father passed away this was devastating for her. She had to raise her daughter by herself. Yessy decided to push through and make sure her daughter would always have what she needed. Yessy worked 2 jobs to make ends meet for her and her daughter. She recently was hit with the most devastating news. On July 5th Yessy was informed that she had a brain tumor and that she needed surgery to remove it. She under went the surgery July 10 , 2018 one day after her daughters 8th birthday. She thought she had beat it all and she could move on the cancer was taken out and she could then continue her normal life. She was then informed that the cell type of cancer that was removed would require her to need Radiation and Chemotherapy. This made her world fall apart she will have to be without  working during her treatment. She was placed on medical leave with no pay. She needs help in order for her not to loose her home her car Etc. She has no income coming in and is finding herself in a desperate situation. Yessy was always one to donate for fundraisers and always gave to those in need. We are asking for our friends family and the community to extend a hand and donate to her battle against brain cancer to help her pay her bills during her treatment. Please if you can find it in your heart to help this 28 year old not have to worry about loosing it all and just focus on fighting for her daughter. We would truly appreciate it like the saying in Spanish says " Hoy por mi manana por ti" "Today for me tomorrow for you" May God Bless you all. We truly appreciate your help.  

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