XPRIZE ACTNOW forestLABS Indigenous Women Scientists (https://decarbonized.org/act-now)

XPRIZE ACTNOW forestLABS Indigenous Women Scientists (https://decarbonized.org/act-now)

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ForestLABS converges tech: AudioMoth AI, Drones, ARC GiS, www.Verses.io, measuring biodiversity, supporting water-quality testing, land-entitlement, activating tech kits to deter human trafficking and preserving forests.

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Team co-leaders are Indigenous medicine women, environmental scientists, land-stewards, accelerating UNSDGoals aligned with NGO's, catalyzing solutions protecting humanities resources using technology, STEM Education & databanks, accelerating Nature Capital Solutions for multi-stakeholders. Next-generations source in-depth socio-education models based on traditional wisdom, partnering STEM technology, blockchain/AI & open-sourced data-analytics BioLABS. ForestLABS

converges advanced technologies: 


AI, Drones, ARC GiS, 


Measuring biodiversity, supporting water-quality testing, land-entitlement, activating toolKITS to deter human trafficking, pouching, protecting resource extraction. Empowering indigenous communities building stewardship models, micro-finance co-operatives integrating culturally relevant educational & social justice programs. Scaling globally, 


is empowering ancient wisdom-holders, protecting medicinal herbs, databanks, capturing oral traditional knowledge saving anthropollogical wisdom protected by global communities. Following Nagoya Protoco

protecting biodiversity rights of medicinal knowledge & Plants, 


 circular-economy model accelerates communities to be paid as 'key' protectors/cultivators. 

CATALYZING Resilience for communities towards healthier sustainable growth beyond COVID-19.

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