Xavier's Fight Against FIV & FLUTD

Xavier's Fight Against FIV & FLUTD

From Rachel Ann Manning

Monday I came home to my sweet dog-like tabby in yowling pain unable to urinate. With the possibility of a relapse blockage, I may not be able to afford to save his life a 2nd time. Help X & I pay his vet bills & prepare

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Xavier came into my life as a loving 6 month old tabby with FIV. His mother gave him the disease at birth and in the back of an adoption truck in Union Square, NYC I had to sign paperwork signifying that I was informed of the sickness. They said, "it's great that he will be an indoor cat! He won't be prone to illnesses as much and cats with FIV often live very long lives." I took him home and discovered him to be the best cat I have ever owned. He's a talker and attention seeker, always greeting every brunch guest at the door with a meow. He plays perfect fetch even including other people in the room by alternating throwers. He has helped me through a breakup, family drama and being laid off from work. He has become my best friend.

After two years his only mishap with health was having an allergic reaction to a Christmas tree. I thought, If that's all his body's got then he surely would live as long as other cats.

Then his first episode with FLUTD happened. In October of last year I was leaving for a week long vacation to visit family. Xavier was staying behind with his two favorite Aunts, Meredith and Kat, to alternate watch on him. Just as I was finishing packing up to leave for the airport he started crying in his litter box. I had no idea what was going on, but he whimpered and licked down below as if something was bothering him. After a quick email to the vet, I found out in transit to the airport that my cat needed to go to the emergency vet ASAP he could be "blocked." Luckily that next morning Meredith rushed him to VERG where they determined he had a small crystal issue in his urethra. Not a blockage, but a 300$ vet bill to flush his system. It wasn't my favorite news, but he was safe. And as long as I kept his stress levels down and water intake high this hopefully wouldn't happen again.

Cut to 10 days ago when I came home from a late night hanging with friends. Xavier was not just whimpering, this time he was yowling. I panicked and rushed him to the EV. They told me that this was probably another light crystal attack. Another flush of the system and 300$ short I left feeling the same as last time. We have meds, I'll keep him company/anxiety down, he will be fine.

Xavier finished his medicine and the following weekend he had his most recent attack. This time I came home from work to worse yowling than last. He was hissing at me but begging me to touch/help him. I have never heard the type of sounds he was making before. He hid in the bathroom as I got his carrier ready for the EV.

He was blocked. They immediately took him back to prep for unblocking, because if they waited too long he could die. They started going over costs and quoted me a $1,850-$2,850 vet bill based on procedures + 2-3 day stay in their care. I panicked, applied for care credit and hoped he would come out okay.

2 days ago he came home, but the doctor had some stressful news. He was now going to need to be on a prescribed urinary care diet and in order to encourage drinking water it would be best if I could purchase a water fountain. He also should be stripped of anything that could make him stressed (Which I surmise is him being left alone while I am at work, he is very socially needy). Without proper attention and care this could happen again. 

Now I have my baby home, but I have 2,000 in vet bills + follow up costs. I have purchased all that I can to make sure he doesn't relapse which has honestly put me at my credit line. I know I will be fine... I know I can figure this out... but the idea of this happening again soon would mean I might have to make one the hardest decision's to make: If I can't afford it I may have to let him go. 

After posting on social media throughout the experience I had many friends and family say it might be in my best interest to start a fundraising account. I know to some he is just a cat, but to me he is more than that. And not to be that mom, but he is unlike any cat I have ever met. I have never had a person come into my house and turn their nose up at him. If I had a dollar for the amount of times I have heard the phrase, "I don't like cats, but I love X..." I could probably pay these bills off. He loves everyone and wants to know everyone. He Has a long life to live, I know it. Anything and everything will help Xavier's chances of living. Please help us.

Thank you and much love,

Rachel & X

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