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Xander's Angel

From [chow] Food and Beverage Co.

We are opening contribution lines to anyone that would like to put money towards Brooklynn's fund. [chow] will contribute a percentage of revenue twice per year, but since everyone's been asking, here is an avenue!

[chow] Food and Beverage Co.

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For those of you who don't know us, [chow] Food and Beverage Co. is a small, cozy, New American restaurant located in Clinton, Connecticut. With most things small and cozy comes a tight knit staff - Everyone at [chow] is family. While some are, in fact, blood related, most of us have become family over our long hours spent together at the restaurant!

We devastatingly lost a member of our family on January 16th & it has completely rocked our world. Xander was one of the sweetest, most polite & hard working people we've ever know. His positive attitude & contagious smile brought light into our lives every single day. He always replied with a "no ma'am" or a "yes sir", a "my pleasure" or "absolutely". He had a passion for cooking, just like his dad, and loved creating interesting dishes & putting his own spin on relatively familiar plates. He was always always always willing to help, no matter what. He'd have taken the shirt right off his back for someone in need, even if he truly needed the shirt himself. We are so lucky to have spent the time we did with him in his short 22 years, and we are eternally grateful for all the hard work and love he dedicated to [chow]. 

In Xander's honor, we have created Xander's Angel, which is a fund for his 3 month old niece, Brooklynn Grace, who he was so incredibly proud of. [chow] will contribute a percentage of revenue to this fund annually on Xander's birthday (March 20th) as well as his last day (January 16th) until Brooklynn is 18 years old. This is our way of spreading Xander's love & recognizing his hard work and incredibly huge heart. He adored Brooklynn, and we hope to keep his memory alive for years and years to come. 

After sharing the news of Xander's passing & presenting our plan to create a trust for Brooklynn, many of you have reached out asking how you, too, can contribute! This is a platform for anyone and everyone to send their love to The Hougrand family & help keep Xander's memory alive. 


All cash or check donations can be mailed or dropped off at:

[chow] Food and Beverage Co.

36 Killingworth Turnpike

Clinton, CT 06413 

& checks can be made payable to: Xander's Angel


We understand this will not bring him back to us, but we will do whatever we can to ease even just a fraction of his family's pain, and we appreciate all of you that have reached out and offered your support during this devastating time. The outpouring love we've received & witnessed has been overwhelming, and we know that if Xander was here right now his heart would melt. We miss him so terribly & would give anything to bring him back.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kate directly at [email protected] - Thank you all for the love. It absolutely has not gone unnoticed.

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