Friend was wrongly fired, they need help

Friend was wrongly fired, they need help

From Emily K

I'm raising money to cover the cost of living expenses for my friend. His boss committed fraud and made my friend take the fall.

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Here are some paragraphs that I asked my friend to write, as he's too busy looking for work to sign up for donations himself. 

Growing up in a lower middle class home, I was told by everyone that I needed a degree to be financially stable, because this had been the status quo for so long. Little did I know the world would change overnight. I took out loans to afford a degree, I ended up graduating with honors with a Batchelors of Fine Arts in the field of Industrial design. In short, I am the person that makes all the products you buy beautiful and easy to use, I also guide engineers to make sure the products are well designed and purposefully made. I was blessed enough to get a job designing cars right out of college, but it came with an unknown ultimatum. At the time I was hired, the manager who interviewed me took my student portfolio and had an existing Employee "doll it up" before getting hiring approval from the president. He thought to himself, "This kid will be able to excel at an inhuman rate, I'm sure of it".  In short, this manger, without my knowledge or consent, took my zero years experience portfolio and made it look like I was a five year car designing veteran. This gave the president of the company a very false sense of my abilities, and for nearly four years I was fighting an uphill battle, trying to live up to a false standard that was created by this manager. While I was able to hold my own for a while, the president was growing wary of my alleged lack of skill or effort, even though I was putting in 75 hour weeks and only getting paid 40. At the end of my time with this company, the manager fessed up to this fraud to me, in his delusion he truly thought that he did me a favor by lying about my skill level. The president "ran out of patience" for me, in his mind, I should have been producing work and a 9 year level, when I was literally only at a four year level.  Shortly after I was forced to resign with only 3 months severance pay (the industry standard is 12 months). And because of the termination language used, I am unable to secure Unemployed benefits from the state. I am still unemployed, I am applying for dozens of jobs a day, both in my field and minimum wage jobs. I have an impressive resume and a great attitude, I call to follow up on each application repeatedly, but no one has hired me yet. 

If you are able and willing, any amount of help would mean the world to me. While I have no income, no savings, and no genuine prospects for work, I still have responsibilities for Rent, Utilities, student loans, pets, and food (although I have been able to work-in fasting to cut down on expenses).Thank you for taking the time to read my story, some people I tell it to say it would make a great new drama on Netflix lol. but in all seriousness, if you have the ability and are willing to help support me until I land a new job, I would be forever grateful.Sincerely, M

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