Would love to smile!

Would love to smile!

From Joshua MacWithey

I am trying to raise money for a new smile.

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In 1997 I was in a convenience store when a man come into rob it. He was just let out of jail earlier that day in oak ridge Tennessee on attempted murder charges and decided to rob a store the same night. His mom and dad put up their house to get him out. I ended up getting struck in the face with the gun loosing a tooth &damaging a bunch of nerve endings in my teeth. I ended up having eight root canals. I ended up fighting the guy and holding him there until the cops showed up, and back to jail he went. and also ended up catching his two buddies that were waiting behind the store for him. I was assured by the store manager that my medical bills would be paid for which never happened. The store was sold there shortly after. I was covered under my wife's dental insurance from her workplace. In the middle of getting my teeth worked on and fixed the dentist I had chosen lost his license for medical malpractice and over prescribing prescriptions after he was already paid to fix my teeth. I was left with eight teeth that had just had root canals and never were capped or taken care of & and they have eventually just pretty much rotted away. At the time I was 22 and had five kids to take care of. Two stepsons and my two brothers and sister that I took in after my mother passed. And never could reanlly come up with the money myself to have them fixed. And now here it is 2020 and I still have messed up teeth and missing quite a few. It's embarrassing when someone catches a glimpse of your teeth and you know the first thing they think is he must be on drugs. I ended up divorcing the woman I was with at the time and having a son of my own when I was 27. I guess he really didn't understand when he was younger but later in life he asked me why he never seen me smile or even all the pictures he had seen of me I never smiled and I pretty much told him I'm embarrassed. Me and his mother split after he was a year old and he just turned 18 and left for college. I've been single for 17 years, and I really believe it's because of my teeth. I do a really good job of hiding it from people that I'm around, but I just don't have the confidence to speak to a woman or ask one out on a date because of my teeth. I was in a car wreck in 2010 and placed on disability and my insurance does not cover dental. And I don't ever see me having the money to be able to get my teeth fixed. Before that night at the convenience store I had a great smile and never had to hide it. Between that night and the dentist losing his license I believe completely changed my life. I'm depressed and lonely and I think a new set of teeth would without a doubt change that. 

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