World of Secrets: Lost Treasure

World of Secrets: Lost Treasure

From Mohammed Chouireb

Create an mmorpg game parallel to the real world in order to form relationships between societies and learn cultures

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In a world parallel to ours, there are humans and ELF,Where they learned to use forbidden magic,Which allows them to summon heroes from our world and create an unbeatable army,Because humans have been fighting ELF for ages.

Our game has a deep story with multiple characters that allows you to get to know people from all over the world and learn their languages ​​and cultures because the game connects reality and the virtual world.

  •  Chat System : Global, Combat, Events, Guild and Group channels 

  • FACTIONS: A system of relations between races, for example, elf, enemies of humans

  • NPCS AND MOBS: Huge and different number of MOBS and NPCs help the story of the game where each character has his own story

  • ITEMS SYSTEM: You can have weapons, armors, consumables, bags, items can have requirements like player level or stat, a two-handed sword can require some value of strength

  • QUEST SYSTEM: A multitasking system, endless and completely different

  • DIALOGUE SYSTEM: Dialogue system with NPC in each person has his own story linked to the story of the main game

  • SKILLS: The player can have multiple skills combat and non-combat as well for gathering resources and craft items. Skills can be leveled and based on the level you can increase damage taken by abilities, or you can allow to craft or gather more powerful items and resources. Also, they can depend on each other, for example, to learn Meteor Shower your player would have to Improve his pyromancy skill to level 5 for example.
  • ABILITIES: If you use the fire skill against a snow monster, the damage will be 100%.If you use the same skill against a fiery monster, the damage will be 50%.
  • CRAFTING SYSTEM: Design Your crafting recipes up to 16 ingredients. You can also setup crafting skill required for the specific recipe along with the crafting table. There is also an option to define different chance for a different result like 100% chances for a common sword, 50% chances for a magic sword, 5% chances for a rare sword, and 0,1% chances for a legendary sword.

  • BUILD OBJECTS SYSTEM: Powerful element where you can define buildings with stages, where at the end (last stage) some effect will start to work on that building, like you can build bank building, starting from foundation and when you will reach the last stage of it you will be able to store items in it (like extra bag).

  • ARENA PLUGIN: PvP arenas, One vs One or Group vs Group

  • MAILING SYSTEM: You can send mails with items and currencies to other players, but also you can receive administrator mails with for example purchased items from the store.

  • GROUPING: You can set the number of group members, you can invite, promote and kick.

  • INVENTORY SYSTEM: Built-in backpack system with character inventory system: weapons (main hand, off hand, two hands, armors (gloves, boots, helmet, chest, pants, shoulders) jewelry (necklace, earrings, rings) and ammunition for bows or pistols. You can stack items, define the amount of bags, their slots, and more.

  • MOUNTS: You can buy legendary creatures that will make it easier for you to travel the world

  • GUILD SYSTEM: Allows you to create a guild, invite guild members, promote, demote them, set permissions, and use guild chat as well as new guild private instance where guild members can enter their own "world" and do some special guild quests or build their housing. You can also level your guild to get access to the guild quests, increase guild warehouse storage, or purchase better items from a guild merchant.

  • PETS: Summon combat or non-combat pets, set its behavior like aggressive, defensive, passive, follow the master, attack, etc. You can summon them by using item or ability.

  • DAY & NIGHT & WEATHER: Professional dynamic system in the alternation of night, day and climate. For example, if snow falls in reality, it falls in the game and the whole world becomes snowy

  • LEVEL XP SYSTEM: Whenever you kill monsters and complete missions, you get experience that raises your level

  • AUCTION HOUSE: Auction House, one of the biggest feature of this release, which allows you to find items by using search, filter by grade, class, race, and level, to finally purchase it from the auction.

  • MINIMAP: Minimap allows you to use marks, tracking icons for quests (start, complete, continue), banks, mobs, define big map, and more.

  • SOCIAL SYSTEM: Friendslist and blacklist functionality to have a healthy community

  • ACHIEVEMENTS: Achievements system allows you to define various conditions like kill mobs, gear score, craft items, get experience, harvest, use abilities to get specific achievement and bonuses assigned for it. You can also show off your Achievement Title that you were able to complete it.

  • RANKINGS: Rankings system allows you to present top players within certain groups like most killers, crafters, harvesters, and more.
  • PLAYER SHOPS:Player Shops lets your players convert to the shop or spawn an NPC that will buy/sell items for them. You can define the number of slots for store items if the shop should remain after logout, and much more. Not selled items and currency will be mailed to the player.

All rewards for the campaign are digital and as such available all around the globe.


  • You choose one item in the game that you get permanently

  • You get the title of supporter of the game

  • You get 100 silver coins in the game

  • You will get a lucky chest that will give you a random item

  • You get to try the beta version of the game before everyone else

Just collecting the amount can finish the initial stage or a trial version of the game in just 3 months or even less

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