World Food Safety Day - June 7, 2020

World Food Safety Day - June 7, 2020

6/7/2020, 7:00AM
ONLINE - RUNNING, Miami Beach FL 33141

From Ravil Imayev


Ravil Imayev



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ONLINE - RUNNING, Miami Beach FL 33141

Date & Time

Sunday, June 7 2020

7:00 AM

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Hi! Guys!

We all want to finally get rid of the “KoronaVirus” pandemic and get together a big team and go over what we have. But, for the purposes of our safety, do not distribute COVID-19 until it is available to us.

. We have found a way out of this situation and we want to offer you to support all of us, the only way available for today to run is to run online - running

with the club “TEAM_FOXHOLE”


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Ravil Imayev posted a new update:
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Time & Location
Jun 07, 7:00 AM ADT
World Food Safety Day - June 7, 2020
About the Event
The goals facing the international community in achieving the process of sustainable development of mankind are inextricably linked with issues of healthy and nutritious nutrition, overcoming not only the problem of hunger in certain regions of the Earth, but also achieving the principles of a healthy lifestyle, including by ensuring food safety.

Food safety should be ensured all the way from the place of growth and production to the human table. This should take into account the factors of the safe use of fertilizers and pest control at the stage of growing cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables, the safe production of meat products, poultry and fish, the methods of their proper storage and transportation, as well as processing during cooking or eating. At any of these stages, foods used for food or used for its preparation can be a source of danger to human health if the established rules of production, transportation, storage or proper preparation are violated. This hazard is predominantly microbiological or chemical in nature.

A separate problem of food safety is the culture of cooking and the process of eating food, when the consumer himself violates the natural norms of hygiene, proper nutrition and the basic principles of transportation, storage and preparation of foods for consumption.

All these problems cause significant harm to human health, in some regions representing a serious threat to him or of a systematic nature.

According to the World Health Organization, about 3 million people die from foodborne infections and foodborne diseases each year in the world, and the number of registered diseases of this origin is about 600 million cases a year. This applies primarily to developing countries, as well as the category of marginalized groups, migrants in advanced economies.

It was the World Health Organization, together with the Food and Agriculture Organization, who initiated the establishment of World Food Safety Day, as they have the most comprehensive information and statistics on diseases caused by food, food poisoning, and also oversee those areas of society that are associated with production food and medical services.

Establishing this World Day, the UN set as its goal to attract the attention of states to the problems of healthy nutrition of the population, as well as the quality of food produced. The appeal is addressed both to the authorities, and to food producers and workers in their sales sector (farmers, agricultural workers, the food industry and trade workers).

Among the proposed measures to overcome the problems caused by food safety violations are measures such as tightening government control over the processes of growing, collecting, producing, transporting, storing and selling food, improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of foodborne diseases and increasing quality information and education on health and nutrition.

Concern over the issue prompted the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization, together with the African Union Commission, to host the First International Food Safety Conference in 2019 in Addis Ababa in February 2019.

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FOXHOLE MARATHON is an event for locals of all ages. We believe that fitness should be a way of life, and not just a list of goals. That's why our event is suitable for people of all age groups, and not just for professional athletes and well-trained participants. Check out your participation options and start practicing.

World Food Safety Day

Distance: HALF Marathon

Event Date: June 7, 2020

Race Start Time: 7 AM (Eastern Standard Time - EST)



2020 Registration Pricing

World Food Safety Day

  • May 1st - June 6th - $25 (Virtual Medal)

  • May 1st - June 6th - $35 (Real Medal)


  • Each runner will be provided for printing on a T-shirt. A race logo that you can print and apply on your T-shirt using an iron. At the end of the race, you get a choice - a virtual or real medal for your race.

  • Participants in the half marathon must be at least 18 years old

  • Registration is limited.

  • Price includes: official racing bib, finisher medal, virtual or real, race logo.

  • Join the club "TEAM_FOXHOLE" and get the opportunity to register for the race for free

* Registration fees are non-refundable. If you want to transfer your bib to another participant, you will have to pay $ 15 for the transfer.

**   If the rider is outside the USA, Canada and Mexico and has registered for the race with a real medal, the delivery of the real medal will be calculated based on international delivery to the rider using FedEX, UPS, and will be added in addition to the registration cost for the race.