Workable and Greenhouse Applicant Tracking Systems

Workable and Greenhouse Applicant Tracking Systems

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The Applicant Tracking system is one of the tools you can use to find out who has applied for a job.

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The Applicant Tracking system is one of the tools you can use to find out who has applied for a job. This system has many features that can help you hire the best people for the job. Moreover, it can save you a lot of time. In this article, we'll talk about the two top applicant tracking systems available in the market: Workable and Greenhouse. Workable is the leading applicant tracking system in the world.

Workable is the world's leading applicant tracking system

Workable is an applicant tracking system that helps businesses hire faster and with higher quality candidates. Its features include one-click job posting across 200 job boards, a flexible dashboard, and an AI-powered search. It also allows teams to collaborate and evaluate potential applicants. The system also includes a range of add-ons that help companies stay on top of their recruiting process and onboard new employees.

Workable's applicant tracking system is free and easy to use. It includes a suite of tools to streamline your hiring process, including automated resume parsing and retrieving public profiles. It can also help you schedule interviews. You can also use its recruiting analytics to understand how well your hiring process is going and make necessary changes. Workable's free trial allows you to test its application and decide if it's right for your business.

An applicant tracking system follows a candidate's entire lifecycle. It helps streamline the hiring process by storing all candidate information in a single location. It automatically posts job descriptions to job boards, sorts CVs, and videos, schedules interviews, and more. In addition, it helps you manage your hiring process with the help of a centralized interface, allowing you to work efficiently with hiring managers.

The greenhouse is the world's leading recruitment software company

Whether you need to post jobs on a career site, collect feedback from candidates, or track candidates at various stages of the interview process, Greenhouse can make the process a lot easier. The system provides you with an account dashboard and allows you to import and export custom reports. It also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. The app is simple to use and will keep you up-to-date with all the open positions in your company.

The greenhouse also offers features to streamline the onboarding process. The system allows hiring managers and other stakeholders to work together to create a personalized welcome experience for new hires. It also helps you identify tasks and set up email workflows so that new hires know what to do on their first day at work. Moreover, the solution also lets you gather feedback from new hires.

A unique employee onboarding experience is one of the major factors in retaining new hires. Greenhouse helps companies build a seamless, transparent, and credible process. Its customizable candidate scorecards allow hiring teams to review candidates' profiles without introducing bias into the process. Additionally, it lets hiring managers build an effective branded career site and automate email follow-ups. This makes it easier to manage and scale a recruiting process.

Lever is a recruitment solution based out of Toronto

Lever is an applicant tracking system based in Toronto that makes hiring and managing candidates easy. Their software includes customizable dashboards, visual insights, and reports to help users measure success and uncover trends. They also have a team of Implementation Specialists who help new customers get up and running quickly. They provide training and support for Lever customers and work with them to set quarterly goals.

The lever is an applicant tracking system built for mid-sized and enterprise-level organizations. Their software integrates with more than 800 apps, including Gmail, Outlook, Slack, Messenger, and Spotify. The lever is designed to make the recruitment process easier and faster.

The company offers a free version to try, but you will need a paid plan to access all the features. The lever is designed to help recruiting teams across the globe stay organized and on track. It offers powerful integrations with industry-leading partners. The software helps companies manage their hiring processes and attract the best talent. It also provides real-time recruiting data and has been rated among the best in its class.


The Workable applicant tracking system helps recruiters manage the entire recruiting process. It makes it easy to create customized job advertisements and application forms, helping employers source the best candidates. It also allows users to track the performance of their job ads and make necessary changes. Workable is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge to get started.

Workable is an enterprise SaaS platform and global provider of CRM for recruiting. It helps recruiters drive candidate engagement through its extensive set of features, including career sites, screening, assessment, and offer management. The Workable ATS also provides features like hiring pipelines, which help organizations visualize the hiring process.

Workable also has a built-in employee referral program. Employees can recommend other candidates who are perfect for their roles. In addition, Workable makes it easy for candidates to apply for jobs, and its platform is optimized for mobile applications. Moreover, it offers collaboration tools to help to hire managers to make informed decisions.

Advantages of an Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system can help recruiters find the best talent faster by filtering applications and resumes based on keywords and specific criteria. By automating this process, they can save hours of time and ensure they contact only the most qualified candidates. Additionally, this software can help companies publish jobs on multiple job boards and social media sites.

Using an applicant tracking system to manage the hiring process will streamline the process for multiple stakeholders and streamline the applicant pipeline. It can even integrate with your onboarding and training programs. An applicant tracking system will also allow you to track which candidates are best suited for your role. Ultimately, this will reduce the time and effort spent on the hiring process and boost productivity.

Using an applicant tracking system can save companies time and money. It can also help them hire better candidates and keep them on the job longer. Using an applicant tracking system helps employers tap into larger candidate pools, and they can attract more skilled candidates. It also makes it easier for managers to identify candidates and contact them.

The applicant tracking system also allows employers to save disqualified resumes for future use. These resumes may be suitable for other positions. Employers can flag these applications for future reference, which benefits both parties. ATS also saves time for both candidates and recruiters. Many companies are using this system to increase the productivity of recruiters.

Applicant tracking systems are becoming a standard in the recruiting process. They streamline the process by sorting and filtering the applicant pool and reducing the time required to find the best candidates. They are primarily used by large organizations, but even smaller companies are turning to technology to streamline the hiring funnel.

HR managers spend an average of 33% of their time on payroll and administration. This leaves less time for strategic planning and training. The Applicant Tracking system helps HR managers reduce their workload by streamlining the administrative tasks associated with a job search. By eliminating unnecessary paperwork, HR managers can focus on other important aspects of their business.

An Applicant Tracking System is a software program that helps recruiters keep track of and analyze candidate data. It helps recruiters sort through applications and resumes based on keywords and relevant job titles. The software also helps recruiters to categorize and filter resumes. The system allows recruiters to screen resumes according to keywords and criteria, making it easier for them to select the best candidates for the job.

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