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From Damon Beckley

We're a patriot organization fighting to affect change in our completely corrupt government. We are organizing rallies in key locations to put pressure on these criminals to govern Constitutionally, or get replaced.

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A Broken System? Actually a Well Oiled Machine

In 2016 the Commonwealth of Kentucky fraudulently brought a criminal case against me and refused to grant my Constitutional right to a fair trial. My 12 year old son & I were actually the VICTIMS in the case, (which prosecutors dropped on purpose to cover-up their screw up) and I would have been murdered by the perpetrators we're it not for the quick thinking of my son.

The record of this destroyed my family business causing us the loss of nearly $400K in lost income to date, which devastated our whole financial picture and even our way of life.

It has been very hard and even though I begged the courts three times for my trial, they refused. So it has been extremely hard for us, but by the grace of God and good word of mouth advertising from our great friends and associates we've been able to stay afloat. 

I was told by a very good attorney (who I'll leave anonymous) that I have a strong Civil Rights case against the Commonwealth but that I would never win because I'm the wrong color.

Justice should be equal in the USA. But it isn't. The system criminally baits minority groups into committing crimes they can imprison them with long sentences for, but excuses their own crimes daily. 

This has to end.

We can no longer sit by while our leaders commit treason and felonies EVERY DAY while they don't even stand up for the Constitution rights of ordinary citizens.

Join with us as we gather steam to fight these out of touch, tone deaf criminals and traitors.

Any help you give will go directly towards the fighting and righting of these injustices. 

God bless us all and God bless America

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