Women's Reproductive Health Research

Women's Reproductive Health Research

From Samantha Villalobos

I am raising money for Women's Reproductive Health Research. Proceeds will go to Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI) and FEMM!

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I don't usually get personal (EVER) but its for a good cause. 

Women's reproductive health has always been a private topic so I'm not going to get into the bloody details (see what I did there?) but I am going to provide some highlights of my experience as well as provide clickable-links to help you learn about topics like - female reproductive system diseases and the female reproductive system, and answer any questions you may have! 

A few years ago, I started having issues with my menstrual cycle. I bled for 42 days straight and felt like I was carrying around a bunch of rocks in my uterus (super attractive, I know). This was accompanied by a slew of other symptoms that completely depleted me. Knowing that this is unusual and shouldn't be happening, I decided to see a doctor. 

SIDE NOTE: Now the debacle of receiving help from VA, the excessively long appointment turn around times, paying out of pocket just to be seen by a private provider because the symptoms became unbearable, and having to contact my Congressional Representative who's staff ignored multiple requests from myself and various Veterans to help provide the VA with better resources is an entirely different story. PLUS, it's Christmas. No need to get political!   

After multiple months, a plethora of tests, and many doctors visits later it was discovered that I had two large hemorrhagic cysts on both of my ovaries, an arcuate uterus, and a lovely diagnosis of endometriosis.

After years of alternative treatments, debilitating pain, countless emergency room visits, multiple recommendations from a variety of doctors, wildly uncomfortable bloating, horrible nausea, pelvic cramping, brain fog, insomnia, depression, and so much more... I found a doctor who listened to me when I spoke and I will finally be undergoing a total hysterectomy.  

SIDE NOTE: Don't be sad for me. I never wanted children, just ask my ex-husband haha. Seriously though, I have never wanted children a day in my life. & No, I don't hate kids (unless they are little shits), I just have different priorities and focuses that doesn't involve babies. I'm a fantastic and loving auntie who teaches valuable life lessons (and curse words in multiple languages) and I am happy being that. 

This journey has been, exhausting. It really has. Women's Reproductive Health research and treatments for illnesses like Endometriosis and PCOS, are severely lacking but effects majority of women worldwide. I have been down countless rabbit-holes, read countless articles, and have listened to endless stories from women of all ages who have been dealing with reproductive health issues and illnesses and it is staggering how much still isn't understood... 

My hope is that we stop looking at "Band-Aid" solutions as the answer and actually find real solutions to these very real problems that have been plaguing women for centuries. 

SO, with my surgery right around the corner, I will be collecting donations to support RHRI & FEMM for the full month of December! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

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