Women In Cannabis-Building Fund

Women In Cannabis-Building Fund

From Shaina StJohn

To obtain an accessible space for the Black and Brown community to join me that seek holistic healing. I anticipate a panel of experts in the various fields that support holistic healing to join and provide services!

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When I thought of the Mothers in the church as I created my podcast I did so because I not only wanted to explain why and how Cannabis is here but I also wanted to provide a safe space for those in that community to feel free to gain an understanding without concern for judgement on how this once upon a time "narcotic" now unscheduled in NYS natural occurring plant might be able to help them or their loved ones live a better quality of life through the holistic healing abilities found in Cannabis. How Adult Use being here in NYS benefits them physically, mentally, emotionally and even socially as they may find others like them in a similar situation. Building a community is a necessary part of every human beings life whether they feel that way or not; because as I learned in one of my favorite business books I read a few years ago, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie all humans crave to feel a sense of belonging. Community is all about belonging! There is a whole community out of here all around the World I have found since beginning my journey in the Cannabis industry here in NYS in 2019 that is curious about what Marijuana can do for them not only financially but physically, mentally and emotionally! You are not alone if you have felt you are! 

What I have found from personal experience and have heard from others I have conversations with that are also experts in holistic healing here in the US and other countries is that to gain the most out of holistic methods of healing one has to do more than just intake or ingest a medicine one must also move and be in motion consistently! Physically moving our bodies and mentally moving our minds and spiritually moving our souls!

This season my goal is to take what we have created, Women In Cannabis, the podcast and create an accessible space for anyone to join me in that is seeking holistic healing. I would also like to create a table for other experts in the various fields that support holistic methods to heal to join in on the conversations and provide their expert opinions, guidance, knowledge and services to help all that desire a cleaner, more natural way to heal! As always, my target audience is the black and brown community as more light needs to be shed on topics like mental and physical health; we seem to have spiritual health down packed which I love so for many when we discuss topics surrounding spirituality it will be moments to strengthen, move or exercise the soul and for those that may not necessarily have any interest or opinion either way just a chance to welcome perspective.                                                  

I look forward to discussing how mental, physical and social health all come together to form a well rounded and healthier human society and can help guide us to a more stable and healthier financial well being for families in those communities; with my focus being on the benefits and support from Cannabis in the healing processes discussed!     

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