Women Choose- Hospitalito Atitlan Family Planning

Women Choose- Hospitalito Atitlan Family Planning

From Bhavya Ancha

Help Hospitalito Atitlan provide family planning services to its rural Maya communities! Condoms and the Depo-Provera shot are culturally accepted and highly requested- let's make them available for these women!

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Hospitalito Atitlán (HA) is proud to serve the rural Maya communities in the Guatemalan highlands of Lake Atitlan. In prioritizing the health of this community, providing family planning services to Maya women is a pillar in HA's goals. 

Although family planning programs have been one of the most lauded success stories in global health, barriers to access continue to persist. 

Here in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala, women are seeking family planning services to support their own health and bolster the prosperity of their family. They know that for their own health and prosperity as well as that of their family, contraception is salient. Condoms and the Depo-Provera injection are widely accepted and requested. The principal barrier here is affording them. 

Both women who have not previously had children and those with their own families request help in navigating safe sexual practices. However, economic barriers and stigma around the topic of sex render family planning difficult. Making condoms and contraceptive methods readily available is a step in the right direction to help Maya women prioritize their health!

A single condom costs 1.7 quetzals or around 25 cents, and a year's worth of Depo (4 injections) costs 100 quetzals or $13. Your donation will ensure that access to these methods of contraception is a reality for the women who want them. 

Help Hospitalito Atitlán provide free access to condoms and the Depo shot- help women choose!

Please see https://hospitalitoatitlan.org for more information about our hospital in Santiago Atitlán. 

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