Support Wissam Abu Fakher for the Lebanese Parliament

Support Wissam Abu Fakher for the Lebanese Parliament

From Khaled Jurdi

This initiative is to help our friend Wissam Abu Fakher cover many of the expenses required for his election campaign to the Lebanese Parliament as a representative for the city of Beirut.

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Today Lebanon no surprise is in a very bad condition. The current political regime has drained the country with debt, inflation, and corruption for the past 40 years. They caused Beirut explosion that killed two hundred people and cause millions of dollars in damages to the city. They have embezzled people's money from the banks. 

My friend Wissam Abu Fakher has been one of the key influencers and activist during October 17th Lebanese revolution and today he is stepping up to fight corruption from the seat of the parliament where he can fight for justice, equal opportunities, and rights that benefit all Lebanese.

The funds will be used for paying for representatives to be at the voting locations, for transportation for people to the voting locations, for advertisements and bill boards, and for hosting meetings and subscriptions etc.  Everything in the campaign is transparent.

Learn more about Wissam on his Facebook page: aboufakher - وسام أبوفخر

Wissam, is a talented young man according to many is the face of the new Lebanon that we always wish and dream of. He is the face of the true and pure Lebanese revolution that still lives in our hearts till today.

Before Wissam was asked to step up to this responsibility to serve the people of Beirut and Lebanon, he was running his own successful cellphone business in his early twenties. At such a young age he earned his masters degree in business and the results showed. He also struck me with his curiosity asking the right questions and overall positivity and eager to learn.

Fast forward ten years later the revolution sparked on oct 17th 2020 in Beirut and spread like wildfire  shedding light on corruption and opening people’s eyes for what’s possible for Lebanon. Wissam along with many we spent the next following 6 months camping in martyr square protesting for justice, peace and freedom from corruption, sectarianism, and ignorance. We were learning about our international laws, politics, and democracy through workshops and daily debates.

Of course, we got attacked and harassed by thugs of the corrupt government but that never deterred Wissam. Instead he was always bringing people’s point of views together to preserve the peace and maintain purity of the revolution.

After the disaster of the Beirut port explosion August 4th 2020, Wissam immediately found a way to shift his focus from protesting to helping hundreds of Lebanese restore their damaged homes in the city and what’s left of it.

Wissam believes that in in order to fight corruption we must focus on creating a new possibility for Lebanon and have a clear plan.

When Wissam was asked to step up to this responsibility he jumped on it because it is a matter of existence for Lebanon and what’s left of it. 

Time is not on our side Lebanon needs new faces who are not associated with the current political regime that has drained the counry’s resources the past 40 years till today.

This campaign is to raise funds to cover the many expenses the campaign requires. Wissam counts on the Lebanese diaspora for help and not from any other sources. 

Please donate to support support Wissam who will stand fighting against the current political regime to keep the spark of hope alive in our hearts and implement a clear objective plan that promotes equality, justice, and equal opportunities for a better Lebanon.

Don't hesitate to send me a message if you would like to speak to Wissam directly. 

Long live peace, justice, and free Lebanon!

Here is another video of Wissam from Beirut to the Lebanese Diaspora:

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