Windows 10 Sleep Mode Problems: Learn Everything About It

Windows 10 Sleep Mode Problems: Learn Everything About It

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Users face some very common problems regarding windows 10 sleep mode not working on the computer

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The sleep mode not working on your Windows 10 may be a very common concern you face while working. Users face some very common problems regarding windows 10 sleep mode not working on the computer. Here in this article, we will try to solve this issue by giving out the necessary information. Listed below are some of those problems that you may face regularly while working on your PC.

        Unable to wake up Windows 10 from sleep mode

        Windows 10: system won’t go to sleep mode

        Windows 10 won’t sleep automatically

        Windows 10 sleep too fast

What is A Sleep Mode?

This specific feature provided by Windows helps to turn off your computer or specific parts when you do not need them. The sleep mode saves the battery if you are working on a laptop. It prevents the monitor screen from burning in on both PCs and laptops.

Users of Windows have been given various options to conserve power when they are not using their personal computers. They can be particularly useful while working. The options are – sleep, hibernate, and Hybrid Sleep. However, these power-saving methods can sometimes be a bit problematic if they are not working. But don’t worry there are solutions. Using the different methods given to try and fix sleep mode not working.

Inspect the Windows 10 Sleep Mode Settings

When your sleep mode is not cooperating with you, you may ask the internet to fix my computer not sleeping, well, here is the answer. Checking if the Windows sleep mode settings are in the right order can help you to fix this slight issue.

Step 1. Visit the ‘Control Panel’

Step 2. Click ‘Power Options’.

Step 3. Select the ‘Choose when to turn off the 'display’ option.

Step 4. Checking the dropdown options is your next step. For this hit on ‘Put the computer to sleep’.

After this, select the correct dropdown option and make sure the sleep mode functions are right. Though, if the settings are in order there are other methods too.

Check for Outdated/Missing Windows 10 drivers:

In order to fix Windows 10 sleep mode not working, you can also be on the lookout for outdated or incorrect drivers in the system. These drivers can be the reason for sleep mode not functioning properly. For this, you can download the step-by-step guide of Windows drivers and update it using Drive restore. It makes it very easy to fix the problem. Scan your PC for required updates and download it. 

The important drivers you need to look into are:

        Chipset drivers

        Network drivers

        BIOS drivers

Also, confirm that your system is working on the latest version of Windows 10. You need to have the latest version in order to solve the problems of Windows 10 sleep mode not working 2021.

Examine power requests of installed software

If your windows 10 won’t sleep after checking with the above methods, you can try to check the installed software. The software may be sending power requests to sleep mode which may be the cause. To know the status of power requests, follow the steps below:

    Right-click on the ‘start' button.

    Look for ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ and hit on it.

    In the opened window, enter this command – ‘powercfg – requests’

The above command will give you a list of all the running power requests. If the categories contain some data and are not empty, then the software is requesting power. These active requests may be the reason for sleep mode not responding properly.

We hope this above guide has helped you.

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