Create internet-based encyclopedia

Create internet-based encyclopedia

From Dorothy Kendall

Wikipedia, free Internet-based encyclopedia, started in 2001, that operates under an open-source management style. Who wants to create your own encyclopedia?

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Wikipedia started as an ambitious idea

…to create a free encyclopedia, written by volunteers, for everyone in the world. It seemed impossible.

A major pillar of Wikipedia is that it is both an encyclopedia and a community of editors who build it. This means that an editor is here primarily to help improve encyclopedia articles and content, and to provide constructive input into communal discussions and processes aimed at improving the project and the quality of our content, and do so in line with the project's intended boundaries, guidelines, and wider mission – and within compliance of Wikipedia's policies and procedures. Because Wikipedia is a collaborative community, editors whose personal agendas and actions appear to conflict with its purpose risk having their editing privileges removed.

The expression"here to build an encyclopedia" is a long-standing rule used to distinguish constructive and non-constructive users and pages. It has been written at various times into the five pillars of and older versions of the blocking policy.

Create a site like Wikipedia

Developers have pre-built templates which take all the coding out of your hands. So, you have a need to make a website like Wikipedia.

Where do you start and what other steps are involved?

The process and tools required to do this are explained below, so you can have your business up and running in no time.

1. Buy a Domain Name

First, you need a domain name (the URL) for people to visit. If you already have one selected you can skip to the next step.

Domain Registrars

This is a very important step in the process for the sake of marketing and your branding. Your first choice should be your business’ name, but if that is already taken or costs thousands of dollars, it’s best to find the closest, simplest variation you can. You’ll also ideally want to choose a “.com”.

2. Get Website Hosting

For your website to live on the internet 24/7 the files need to be stored on an active server, and that is what a host will do for you.

While there are free hosts available, the performance is dreadful and they often aren’t secure. I’d highly recommend purchasing hosting instead.

One reputable and reliable host you can use is Bluehost. I hosted my first WordPress site using Bluehost over 8 years ago and they continue to work great for hundreds of thousands of websites around the world.


You’ll get a free domain name and WordPress site when you signup with Bluehost.

3. Setup WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that will give you a dashboard for adding content and customizing your site.

The main reason for using WordPress is that you get access to the tens of thousands of themes and plugins made for WordPress. The massive developer community making these products is the reason why you can create a site like Wikipedia so easily.

Once you’ve created your account and generated your site, you’ll be able to login anytime at

Now it’s time to find your Wikipedia template!

4. Install Wikilogy Theme

WordPress uses “themes” and “plugins” to completely customize your website without touching a line of code. A theme is essentially a pre-built set of templates and assorted customization features.

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