Why young people should provided with First Aid Training?

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Parents these days want their young children to gain knowledge in various aspects to stay alert and overcome trouble easily. Should youngsters be provided with first aid training? This is a question that is asked by majority of the parents. The truth is your child might encounter any critical situation at any point of time in life, something you may never desire for. But this fact cannot be ignored or neglected.

Rather equipping them properly can help them to respond to various types of medical emergencies. This helps them to save their own life as well as that of others around them. Having first aid knowledge is crucial and an added benefit that will win favors at work and other places. Your child will be trusted upon by others at all times.

Importance of first aid

Generally, first aid is recommended to be taught at a very young age. It is among the highly sought-after expertise and skills that can provide your child with numerous opportunities. But that does not mean its education is limited to youngsters only.

Even grown up people should learn the basics. Not heeding to the basics will only prove to be detrimental for the entire society. Without first aid education, you cannot expect young people to evaluate properly risks around them like adults do. Hence, their education in this particular subject becomes vital.


Should First Aid training be imparted at School level itself?

Many advocates support introducing first aid learning right at the school level and make it compulsory. The D.C-based public health supporters did support this notion. Recently, they had urged the decision makers to introduce first aid training at schools across the country.

American Pediatrics Academy also supported this move. They are known to have taken some bold steps to regular awareness on the subject. It is to be understood that children fail to respond appropriately to any emergency situation. They simply panic and in the utter confusion chaos that prevails, tend to injure themselves or others. This can be avoided if they had received some form of first aid training.


Some people consider first aid training to youngsters being just a sheer waste of money and time. They argue that children being small are likely to forget very soon what is taught to them. However, many communities are in support towards promoting this training to children at school level. Even the ‘American Red Cross’ has taken initiatives to conduct free training to children at schools. Hence, failing to train children in first aid means neglecting society welfare. By providing training right from a small age, it is possible to develop a generation that can handle various types of medical emergencies.


How can children benefit from availing First Aid Training?

It is not just possible for any parent to watch over their children all the time while they are engaged in some kind of playful activity. Children love to explore and indulge in more adventurous activities as they grow old. This, in turn, causes accidents and injuries either to them or their friends. Parents are likely to get concerned about their children’s well being and safety.

What if your child is aware of the basic first aid skills?

In such a case, you can be at mental peace since he/she can respond to emergencies. Learning basic first aid is sure to prove life-saving while tackling scenarios like falls, injuries to heart attacks.

There are reports of children saving adults with the knowledge gained first aid. Hence, imparting first aid to school children can help save lives in thousands. It is important to introduce children to basic lifesaving lessons at a very early age.

Later, they can be taught more advanced levels as the progress through school. Such training also influences the child’s overall confidence, thereby providing myriads of benefits. It includes developing leadership skills, better communication and building confidence.

Learning basic first aid skills

Learning basic first aid skills will allow children to develop fundamental transferable skills. It is really important to know the different ways to contact emergency services. Moreover, it enhances directly confidence and communication. Children, by learning first training can now respond to emergencies and accidents.

Besides this, they can also inspire the nation as a whole. Thus, you can expect them to work like a team while developing the ability to listen and understand others’ needs. They also develop patience. Such versatile skills can benefit them throughout their lives.

Role of the government

The government should also do its bit to encourage children to adapt to varying environments, allowing them to achieve success in life. They should be taught to clearly think even when under pressure.

Doing so will allow them to influence the world positively, thereby creating a well-balanced, knowledgeable society. First aid training, simply put can help reduce and prevent over 140,000 deaths annually. For any country to progress, first aid training should be introduced at schools immediately.

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