Why You Need to Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy for

Why You Need to Refresh Your Digital Marketing Strategy for

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Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a renewed thrust on digital marketing. Many offline campaigns have morphed into their digital renditions. Brand owners are offering new and virtual platforms to their customers, hoping to regain the lost business opportunities. However, more needs to be done by marketers in 2021. They need to identify new marketing platforms while retaining their core customers.

Short-form videos

While videos will continue to dominate in marketing budgets, it will be short-form videos all the way. Thanks to Tiktok, many marketers have begun to look at short-form videos with renewed interest. In Q1 of 2020, 25% of all marketing budgets were diverted to videos, the rise being 19% from 2019. Snapchat has redesigned its platform, and so has Instagram.

In 2021, Tiktok will launch its Tiktok for Business platform, and this should enthuse you into committing more advertising budget to short-form videos. You can get expert help from a Sheffield marketing agency while planning your marketing activities. Short-form videos have been proven to deliver the right audiences, high engagement rates and a call to action.

Social shopping and user privacy

Social shopping is emerging as a major funnel for shoppers when it comes to buying products and services. Social shopping is buying products and services on social media such as Facebook. Snapchat, Instagram, etc. People are guided by product and service recommendations on these platforms while making informed purchases of those services and products. Social marketing will be important in 2021.

In a survey, 30% of consumers said they would buy on social media. What it also means that brands need to be cautious about their social media persona. If you are a recently launched startup, you might consider enhancing your social reputation. Data privacy concerns will also be a key driver in 2021. Read the California Consumer Privacy Act to know more.

Marketing automation in 2021

It isn't that marketing automation didn't exist in 2020. Next year, this tool will be used even more widely by marketers. With so many digital touchpoints on your website, it is impossible to map all those manually. With marketing automation, you can track all your touchpoints easily and effectively. Through this tool, marketers will be able to get new customers and retain them.

In 2020, 67% of marketers surveyed said they had deployed marketing automation. In 2021, marketing automation was the marketers' second-highest priority. This number will rise further in 2021. Marketing automation is also important for:

1) improving campaign effectiveness

2) aligning sales and marketing

3) Improving lead generation quality

4) enhancing the centralization of data systems

5) enhancing marketing metrics.

Personalization in 2021

Personalization will play a key role in 2021. It is expected that despite widespread consternation about consumer privacy, shoppers will consume more based on personalized ads and campaigns. Shoppers will shun away from mass email campaigns and embrace personalized web pages. This makes the job of your email marketing agency more difficult. You can use Machine Learning to generate relevant ad content 

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