Why Use Herbal Skincare Products over Regular Skincare Produ

Why Use Herbal Skincare Products over Regular Skincare Produ

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Your skin is asignificant organ that protects your body from the environment. There is no doubt that diet and exercise has a great impact in keeping you and your skin healthy.However,

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Your skin is asignificant organ that protects your body from the environment. There is no doubt that diet and exercise has a great impact in keeping you and your skin healthy.However, a skincare routine that includes skin care products and natural remedies is also equally important to your overall well-being.

A holistic approach to beauty has been around for decades and natural skincare is not something new in this domain.Naturalskincare products mainly involve herbal and ayurvedicskincare products.Use of such skincare products ensures that your skin maintains its youth and liveliness over afar-reaching period of time.

What is more, an increased market growth in herbal beauty products market suggests that people are giving preference to theuse of herbal beauty products. This is because many people have ethical reasonsto go ‘natural’ and also because herbal skincare products offer several benefits.

What are herbal skincare products and why use them?

An herbal cosmetic is a precious gift of nature and hence the demand of these natural beauty products is growingin the world market. Herbal formulations get substantial attention because of their good activity and relatively lesser or nil side effects as compared to synthetic products.

·         Herbs and spices have been used since many years forretaining and enhancing human beauty. Indian women are using herbs such as Sandalwood and Turmeric for skin care effectively. The herbal skincare productsthatare used normally for daily purpose include herbal face wash, herbal soap, herbal lipstick etc.

·         Herbal cosmetics contain natural compounds derived from a variety of natural sources that influence skin functions and provide nutrients for healthy skin and hair. These products are free of synthetic chemicals that can be detrimental to your health.

·         Herbal beauty products or cosmetics hold desirable physiological activity such as healing, enhancing, giving smoothing appearance, and conditioning properties because of herbal ingredient present in them.

·         Herbal skincare products contain natural ingredients that are mild on the skin and are less presumably to cause breakouts or other skin irritations.

·         Natural beauty products are not only good for your skin, but they are also good for the environment. And this is one of the major reasons that people choose to go all natural!

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Cons of using commercial/regular skincare products:

·         Regular skincare productsare chemical-laden which may have after side effects. They may cause wrinkles, spots, or skin damage.

·         Moreover, commercial beauty products contain chemicals that are washed down the drain, pollute waterways, and thus cause more pollution.A few people don’t prefer these products because theyare unsafe to the environment.

Some common herbal extracts used in herbal beauty products:

There are many naturally sourced ingredients which areveryeffective and scientifically-proven to use in beauty products.Below are a few major natural skincare ingredients along with their properties and what they can do for your skin.

1.      Aloe Vera: This herbal plant contains an essential component that helpsprotect the skin and heal skin irritations. It has properties that can prevent aging and regenerate growth of cells or tissue.Aloe vera is also used for sunburn, scratch and a natural cleanser for the skin. It may ease the advance of skin cancer that is caused by the sun.

2.      Chandan and Vertiver: It can be used as scrubs and face packs which aids remove dead skin cells, stimulate growth of new cells, and give a young look.

3.      Turmeric:This has antiseptic propertiesandcan be used as a face pack along with usheer (vertiver).

4.      Amla: This fruit is valuable for its high content of vitamin C which is one of the leading beauty breakout stars of the past few years. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps to, tighten, smoothen, and brightenthe skin by enhancing healthy collagen production and skin-cell renewal.

5.      Madder Root: As it is available in color that is suitable to the lips, this can beused to beautify lips and cheeks.

6.      Neem: It isuseful in skin infection, rashes & pimples. It also acts as a blood purifier which helps in getting beautiful and healthy skin.

7.      Rosehip Seed Oil: Rosehip seed oil is naturally rich in linoleic acid,linolenic acid, and vitamin A. All these compounds help to target signs of aging, scarring, hyper pigmentation,and other skin conditions.

8.      Willow Bark Extract: Willow bark extract is rich in salicylic acid which is the major ingredient in most acne treatments. This beta hydroxy acid (BHA)is an exfoliant which helps to get rid of dead skin cells and clear pores.It can also help to cure breakouts, bumps and oily skin. Being gentle on the skin, salicylic acid can be usedon a daily basis as it contains natural skin-calming properties.

Final Words:

Well, the article mainly discusses about the natural skincare and the herbal beauty products for a healthy and glowing skin. However, it’s also important to eat right, get enough sleep well,doing exercise daily, and protecting your skin from harmful chemicals and the sun when desiring to have a glowing and healthy skin.

Natural remedies are little slow and may take time to show required results. So, try to be consistent in your choices and routines for long term success.Ifyou focus on nutrition, overall fitness, and a perfect natural skincare routine, then you can be close to attaina glowing skin!

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