Why Should you Seek Green Home Cleaning Service?

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Why Should you Seek Green Home Cleaning Service?

From Minaimran Aliseo

Your options are numerous, including the most recommendedsolution of them all – white vinegar mixed in warm water.

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The potential harm which traditional cleaning chemicals can cause is the biggest reason why you will wish to think about switching to organic home cleaning. You have to be aware of the science behind house cleaning, and the way the chemicals in several traditional cleaners can harm your health and environment. Knowing the science behind these chemicals and how these can contaminate your body, are vital to understanding the way your house cleaning service can affect not just your health, but also your well-being. Properly choosing and using green house cleaning products or services can help protect the health of your family.

Are Chemical Home Cleaning Products That Bad?

Science made it obvious that such cleaners can negatively affect your health.Some conventional cleaning products contribute to health issues like skin, eye and respiratory irritation, asthma and other such allergic reactions. Replacing these cleaners with natural and eco-friendly ones can minimize the potential for harm.

Companies use green products for house cleaning service because they want to make sure that their staffisnot exposed to these harmful chemicals. When home cleaning professionals are exposed for long timeto higher concentrations of chemicals,it can cause serious illness like cancer, neurological disorders and reproductive issues. Good companies would not want to put their own workers at risk by using these dangerous chemical products.

These House Cleaning Products Can Pose a Major Health Risk

For minimizing risks, you must understand the way toxins can get into the body. Some of these ways of exposure are inhalation, dermal exposure and ingestion. One such route is from wastes of cleaners accumulated on a food preparation surface, and from improperlycleaned hands. When you clean surfaces with a harsh solution and prepare something on those surfaces or do not properly wash your hands, you can ingest those toxic chemicals.

Inhalation is another way of exposure. As per EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), indoor pollutant levels may sometimes be over 100 times higher compared to outdoor levels. Many of us spend around 90% of our time indoors, so the levels of air pollutants are perhaps of particular concern. Much of the air pollution occurs as a result of the use of chemical products indoors. For instance, cleaners dispensed from cans of aerosol, solvents in polishes and fragrances used in certain products which mask odors all have ingredients which negatively affect health when inhaled. These chemicals pass from our lungs to the bloodstream, so these can affect ourmajor organs and nervous system. This cancause symptoms including respiratory distress and dizziness.

Absorption through our skin is the last route of exposure. For instance, 2-butoxyethanol is absorbed through it, and this can be harmful to the reproductive systems and other major organs.

Several studies show that many cancers that women endure are linked to harmful home cleaning products they use.

These chemical toxins are linked to organ damage, reproductive harm, developmental harm, immune suppression and endocrine disruption. Remember, home cleaning items containing these toxins are harming their user and other inhabitants, including kids and pets.The most responsible decision you can take for yourself and your family is to choose an organic house cleaning service.

Just make organic cleaning a part of your daily chore, in addition to relying on such a professional service from time to time, to protectthe health and well-being of you all.The organic products used for cleaning can be found in your kitchen. Your options are numerous, including the most recommendedsolution of them all – white vinegar mixed in warm water.

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