Why SEO Is A Great Channel To Use For Your Non Profit

Why SEO Is A Great Channel To Use For Your Non Profit

From Kashif SEO

There’s nothing more important than SEO in this digital age when it comes to inbound marketing. Proper SEO strategies created for your NGO can allow you to find more donors online.

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There’s nothing more important than SEO in this digital age when it comes to inbound marketing. Proper SEO strategies created for your NGO can allow you to find more donors online. SEO is the only affordable strategy to help you achieve this goal of ranking higher. Compared to running PPC ads, SEO won’t cost you a lot of money. Keep reading to find out why SEO is crucial for NGOs to get better results in no time!

1.      Get ahead of your competitors

NGOs have to face fierce competition to get more donations. However, this competition can encourage an NGO to collect more funds if they focus on strategies like SEO.

A proper SEO strategy is all about learning from competitors. As a decision-maker of an NGO, you can get help from SEO experts to find what strategies implemented by other NGOs can help you.

You can implement these strategies and use them to get more donations. For example, if some other local NGO’s website isn’t ranking for a specific key phrase, you can optimize your website for that phrase to get better results.

2.      Build your online reputation

Charity organizations have to focus on building a strong online presence. They will have a hard time collecting funds if their online influence is next to zero.

Here are some basic goals that increase the influence of any business/NGO online:

        Providing useful information

        Becoming a thought leader

        Creation of shareable content

        Answering the queries of the target audience

SEO can help you optimize your website for all such goals. You can create valuable blog content and publish it to get more eyeballs on your blog. Publishing blogs on other influential websites as a “Guest Blogger” can also help you generate backlinks and attract more visitors to your website.

The creation of SEO-optimized content can help you produce content that gets shared. Other than that, you can also strengthen your online position by providing answers to the questions that are asked a lot by your target audience online.

3.      Let donors find you easily

Getting discovered online is important to get more donations. If someone searches for an NGO that supports the educational cause, your website must rank on top of SERPs to help you get donations to keep playing your part.

SEO allows you to optimize your website for all the keywords that are searched by your online target audience. Focusing on On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO will ensure that your NGO is discovered online easily.

4.      Rank better in local results

The recent updates of search engines algorithms focus on providing relevant local results to users. Therefore it’s therefore important to make your website appear in the local search results to get more donations from the area where you operate.

Focusing on a proper “Local SEO” strategy will allow your website to rank higher in Local SERPs. Here are some basic Local SEO tips that can help your website:

        Focus on On-Page SEO

        Identify local keywords

        Create localized web pages

        List your business in Directory listings

        Create your “Google My Business” profile

5.      Create persuasive content that ranks

Content creation is a must for all NGOs. With great content, you can announce the goals you want to achieve and how you plan on achieving those goals.

But content creation doesn’t help at all if your content isn’t ranking higher on SERPs. The content you produce should be SEO-optimized to ensure that you get attention from your readers. SEO allows you to create content that’s informative and persuasive.

A common misconception about SEO content is that it’s redundant with keywords and bogus topics. However, if you follow Google’s guidelines for SEO optimization, the content you’ll produce will help your NGO website rank higher and encourage more people to donate.

6.      Integration with other digital marketing strategies        

SEO is not different from your marketing mix designed for your NGO. If done correctly, you can integrate your SEO strategy with other marketing strategies to ensure that you get maximum results from your digital marketing efforts.

Let’s start with how SEO can help your Social Media Marketing. When you create SEO-optimized content, you can create shareable content that improves your online presence.

And let’s not forget that your social media pages can also rank on SERPs. SEO can also help you in your remarketing efforts – enabling you to encourage your lapsed donors to donate to you again.

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