Why Salesforce CRM is Important for Travel Organization - Te

Why Salesforce CRM is Important for Travel Organization - Te

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In this, we will emphasize on the usage of the CRM (Salesforce) for the travel Organisation. The travel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and as the industry is growing, the management of the industry is getting tougher day by day.

The current hyper-competitive Hospitality and Travel industry, travelers expect digital solutions and personalized experiences that include smart recommendations, easy and transparent bookings, and instant customer service. 

The new traveling generation with heightened expectations is continuously revolutionizing the industry. Companies need to offer a better experience and tailor the user needs dynamically, providing add-ons as per the customer.

The Travel Organisation performs Hotel bookings, locations, and travel arrangements thus the management of all the domains of the travel industry at a single location is a challenging task. For this Salesforce CRM comes to play its prominent role.

In this, we will learn how Salesforce developers can help in reaching new customers, shortens sales cycles, delivers omnichannel service, and makes your teams more productive.

Why Salesforce:

Salesforce provides customs and standard functionality to cater to customer requirements. Salesforce is an easy customizable cloud-based solution that can be easily accessed. 

Salesforce provides various functionalities like Salesforce DMP, a Marketing cloud that inspires more booking by creating campaigns, providing the user with a more personalized experience for the booking. It can be customized to create leads automatically and store essential information for closing the deals. Salesforce also provides an excellent sales process to expedite the process of deal closure. Salesforce also provides Customer support using the service cloud where users can get smart and more personalized support delivered. Salesforce provides the Salesforce Communities for curating content from the expert travelers for better experience and planning.

This solution enhances the entire travel experience by delivering personalized messages that inspire trips, provide better recommendations based on desired location and preferences, and deliver engaging/useful content to the travel community through a world-class app.

Salesforce DMP (Audience Studio):

 It helps to gather all of the user-relevant data from all the sources to deliver a more personalized marketing experience. This helps in unifying and capturing the data based on every touchpoint to strengthen customer relationships.

Salesforce DMP(Audience Studio) helps in :

Capture all your customer data.Segment the audience based on search more precisely.Reach the customer - no matter where they are.Get a better understanding of the user’s needs and preferences.Salesforce Sales Cloud:

Salesforce provides the perfect module to convert captured leads to customers happy with the process and deals. The module can be configured to cater to the customer's needs and helps the sales rep to close the deals. It also provides the approval flow that helps the proper scrutiny of the deals closed by the sales rep. It can also be configured to provide step by step information about the status of the deals for better customer experience and satisfaction. It can also be configured to the payment gateways for all-around experience at a single platform.

Salesforce Service Cloud: 

Service Cloud offers delighted customer experience by providing support at every aspect of the process. It provides various processed, automated cased assignment configuration, case timeout period and case escalation, etc to expedite the customer request. 

Salesforce Community:

Salesforce communities development the user to post his experience and queries on the community which helps in curtailing the bottlenecks from the process. This helps in the continuous reformation of the industry for better utilization of the resources.

Salesforce for Hospitality and Travel Industry:

As discussed, customer experience is essential in this industry. The better the customer’s experience with you, the more likely they are to return in the future. The recent surge in travel, technology, and social media, has upped the pressure on travel companies to provide a perfect, personalized experience. Such experiences have become necessary in order to stand out in a competitive industry and backlash-free online attention.

As the industry continues to grow, the management of the high volume of customers is becoming more difficult. With the customer’s expectations increasing day by day through social media and networking sites like trip advisor and personal blogs, it is mandatory to cater to each customer's satisfaction. The understanding of the customer requirements on a deeper level reduces the chances of losing a potential customer. This can be managed properly with the help of Salesforce CRM.

A CRM solution should be a  cloud-based, mobile-compatible platform that employs AI tools and big data to understand every customer's needs and deliver active solutions, making sure that every customer is reached wherever and whenever they are most likely to be found.

Benefits of Using Salesforce CRM :

Tools: Salesforce provides intelligent targeting marketing, case management tools, AI-driven data.Integration: Salesforce provides integration with third party applications for better data flow.Scalability: Salesforce provides continuous enhancement as per the requirement of the organization which is essential for every business requirement.Affordability: Salesforce provides different editions as per the business requirement to provide the editions that fit the customer requirements.

So the demanding need of the industry requires the 360-degree solution to cater to all the needs with the single solution which can be achieved using the salesforce CRM.

Customer success story:CAESARS ENTERTAINMENT:  With 40+ resorts and 70,000 employees around the world, Caesars Entertainment needed a way for its staff to coordinate across geographies and functions to provide stellar service to those key clients. Salesforce provides better marketing and support for the client's satisfaction which is essential in this growing industry.Spice-Jet: Salesforce has provided a fully functional and automated customer service platform for better customer experience.

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