How to increase followers on your Instagram account

How to increase followers on your Instagram account

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Instagram the most rapidly growing social application and is now competing in the social advertisement sector. If your Instagram presence is not impacting the audience at a large scale then you need to read this article. If you have a larger audience, you have more chances to get some contracts from big brands for paid advertisement, therefore try to grow your followers, you can buy Instagram likes as well. There are a lot of brands that can hire you to advertise their products on your Instagram account. These are some tips to increase the likes on Instagram posts.


The first and the foremost step towards getting likes is the optimization of your Instagram account. Be conscious while writing the bio of your Instagram account. Bio, captions, images, and username or profile picture can be helpful for people to know what type of content is offered by a particular account. Always use captions, specific keywords, campaigns, or hashtags on your account. More to this username should be search-friendly. Most probably username should be close to your brand name. Keep business name shorter.

Need consistency  

After getting followers on Instagram, never show laziness or become overconfident because you need to maintain the pace of posting regularly. Never post randomly on Instagram. Luckily if you are having plenty of users in the beginning, you need to post regularly to keep them interested in your account. You can also schedule your posts on Instagram.

Quality content

In addition to consistency never compromise on the quality of content. Always post what followers demand. For example, you cannot get likes on the post of any African brand in South Asia especially if it is not related to natives. Content should be related to your niche. Arrogance, racism, discrimination, or hate against any specific ethnic group can lead you towards account suspension.

Don’t rely on fake followers

There are many accounts on Instagram which have mostly fake followers. This can backfire as well. It is not a difficult task to buy followers but they are usually not active. These types of followers will never engage with your content. You need active followers to increase the engagement on your posts. 

Last but not least, always try to make your Instagram followers happy. A number of tips for growing the following have been discussed, so put them in practice so that your followers may recognize your voice in the crowd. In other words, be real in your posts, this really can lead you towards more followers. Fun can be a tool for increasing likes on your posts. So, don’t forget to post funny content on your wall to get a smile on the faces of followers. Try a different type of content because users on these social media platforms usually have different tastes. Don’t dream of gaining millions of followers overnight, this is a long process and you get success only when you are active and consistent. 

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