Why It Is a Good Idea for Charities to Partner with Business

Why It Is a Good Idea for Charities to Partner with Business

From William Torres

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Running a charity and trying to raise as much money as possible can be a challenge for some. There are a lot of obstacles that come with running a charity, and as such, it is often a good idea to reach out to other businesses for help and assistance. This is not as a handout but more as a collaborative effort to increase your fundraising potential and also improve your organization’s overall reach. This article will go more into the benefits of a charity partnering with a business. 

What Form Can Such Partnerships Take? 

There are a huge variety of ways that such a partnership can come about. These include the likes of reaching out to a company and asking if they would be able to promote the work that you do. Many other businesses form partnerships with charities so they will do fundraisers throughout the year on your behalf. Another way could be to reach out to businesses that operate online and asking if a donate button could be installed on their website. When you consider the number of people who use the internet for the likes of online gambling on sites such as Spin Palace, where they have access to a range of online slots, if they are parting with money to play, then they might also likely be willing to part with money to donate. As such, simply having a button on a site that allows them to do that could see your fundraising efforts improve. 

The Benefits 

So, what are some of the benefits of working with a business? 

  • Improve People’s Awareness of You 

There are a number of ways that you can digitally market yourself to get your name out, but unfortunately, the majority of these take a great deal of time and money that a lot of charities simply don’t have. Businesses are always focusing on their marketing in order to improve profit, and as such, if you work alongside them, then you can benefit from the exposure that they are getting as a result of their marketing efforts. 

  • Innovate and Grow 

As a result of the increased exposure that you are going to get because of the fact you are working with a business, you are going to also be able to innovate and grow your business as a result. This is because of your exposure but also because of the fact you and the business that you’re working with are going to be able to learn from one another. This will lead to better problem-solving skills and the ability to overcome obstacles in a much clearer way. 

  • Save Money 

The end result of all of this as well is that your charity is going to be able to save some money. This is massive, as for charities, every single penny counts. Saving money means more can go on the likes of getting new staff, donations or organizing bigger and better fundraising events too.

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