Why Have Corporate Shirts Embroidered?

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When the employees are wearing company shirt embroidery with the company name, it is a great way to show off your business brand or your products and/or services.  They are a way to show off your company’s personality and add a little flair to the work uniform shirt.

These types of shirts are a great way to get the name of your company out there.  It can be used for marketing your product and/or service by including a small, embroidered picture of it on the collar or name tag. 

Corporate shirt embroidery can also include logos, slogans, or other messages on the front.  It can symbolize your brand of clothing.  If you go to a trade show or event that your company is part of, this is a great way to let everyone know who the product belongs to.  It can help to build brand awareness.

Custom company shirt embroideryis a great form of advertising.  If someone is not familiar with your company or brand or has questions about it, this helps them know who to talk to for answers.  It is a way to also get the word out about what you offer.  If someone is looking for something in particular and they see your custom embroidery, they will know where to get what they need.

When you have custom embroidered shirts, you can promote your company in a way that other companies might not think about.  When your employees wear these shirts, they are a walking billboard for your company. 

If your company provides a service that requires an employee to go to a customer’s home, corporate shirt embroideryis one way to recognize that the employee is from that company.  It also makes your company look more professional.

When you use a slogan or logo associated with your company, it makes an impression on a potential new customer, especially if it is catchy and easy to remember.  When wearing a shirt with the company’s name, logo, or slogan embroidered on the shirt. It may make them feel more productive.  It makes them feel like they are part of the company.

A critical part of running a successful business is team building.  With a custom embroidered shirt, and everyone wearing one, it can help to connect all the employees as a team.  You could also make it a contest where the employees can suggest ideas for a logo or slogan for the company if there is not already one.  This is a great way to get all the employees involved.


Having shirts that are embroidered with the company name, logo, or slogan is a great way to advertise your business brand, product, and/or service.  It is also telling everyone who sees it that this is your product and/or service.  It also makes you look very professional and a legitimate company.  The employees, when wearing them, will feel like part of the team.  Having an embroidered company shirt offs so many benefits it would be wise to consider getting one.

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