Why do dogs sleep with their owners on the mats?

Why do dogs sleep with their owners on the mats?

From Alex Souschuk

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Often dogs prefer their owner's bed. Some owners approve of this, while others forbid pets to sleep with them. So why do four-legged friends like to sleep with their owners so much, even if they have their own mat, bed or couch? We will investigate the reasons for this behavior in more detail in this article.  

Reasons why a dog can sleep with its owner

The most common reason why dogs sleep with their owners may be familiarity. Before you get a puppy, it is necessary to buy products designed for the comfort of the dog. The list could include a couch or a dog mats, so that from an early age the dog understands that it has a sleeping place of its own. 

Dogs often snuggle up to their owner, in order to feel comfort and safety. It is the way they demonstrate their affection and trust. The pet is aware that "their human" can protect them. However, it also works the other way around too. Most dogs sleep back to back with their owner, thereby showing that they are ready to be the protector as well.  

If a person pays little attention to the dog, rarely walks the dog, or plays with them, the dog may develop sleeping issues, resulting from depression as compensation for the lack of attention. 

When moving places, the dog is looking for some familiar place in which it feels safe. The most convenient place in this case could be the bed of their owner. However, the most ideal place would be the dog's own bed. 

Should I let the dog sleep in the bed?

  • Hygiene: Sleeping with a dog is not hygienic. The dog's fur can store a lot of bacteria and microbes that are not safe for humans. Also, sleeping with a dog can contribute to the development of various allergies.
  • Disturbance: The dog can disturb your sleep, because often when sleeping the dog can kick or toss, which will interfere with the owner. 
  • Territory: The dog may try to “take away” the territory of the bed from the owner and take up more space. This will also bring inconvenience to the owner during sleep.

  • Insomnia Relief for the dog 
  • A sense of security for the dog 
  • Reduced levels of stress and loneliness for the dog (and sometimes for the owner too)

In the end, each owner decides for themselves where their pet should sleep. It is recommended to provide the dog with its own corner. This can be a house, a cage, a couch, or a dog mat. You can buy various accessories for dogs on sainternie.com. All Saint Ernie's products are designed in Australia and made by Club Debut craftsmen in Colombia. All accessories are available in a wide range of sizes and are suitable for all dog breeds. 

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