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From George Todt

Who Am I? Is a movement compromised of individuals, institutions and universities to have our digital rights legally defined.

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Who Am I? seeks to establish a digital bill of rights for all Americans and eventually the rest of the world.  

Introduction to Who Am I?

Every U.S. citizen has a right to “constitutional personhood” which is the status of a human being with constitutional rights. “Persons” are protected in the US Constitution by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, from governmental (state or federal) action. Rights include the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more. Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination. But what about in an increasingly digital world, what digital rights do we have as a constitutional person?Intentionally or unintentionally the answer to that question has never been legally answered.  In the process, Human rights are being trampled on and digital privacy is being obliterated before it even has a chance to be properly defined.  ‘Who Am I?’ seeks to address these issues by forcing the U.S. courts to provide an answer and blueprint for our digital rights in the 21st century. 

WHO AM I? Is a “public” Section 501(c) (3) organization started with an emphasis on women’s rights and to educate our citizenry about the need to preserve and promote our existing rights while establishing and defining our digital rights for the first time.  Ultimately, Who Am I seeks to protect those old and new rights from abuses that limit our liberty, freedom and the right to self-expression through all forms of art and within the workplace.  We are dedicated to protecting a person’s constitutional rights and intellectual property (a form of self-expression) which are being eroded, including the right to privacy. This is the raison-d’etre for the “WHO AM I?”(“WAI”) non profit corporation.

Why is ‘WAI’ important?

In 1900 the bureau of census created a registration of standard certificates for live births and in 1907 the USA created the form for birth certificates. Most birth certificates have a state identifying number and of course other identifying personal data. There is a legal controversy whether the state or federal government sees an entity defined by a birth certificate number and a birth record in a bible as the same legal standing. In mid-November 1936, the social security number was introduced for purposes of tracking revenues and taxes but did it create a new legal entity? And if so, who owns that entity? Who Am I is a true legal question, am I a person naturally born with constitutional rights as a mammal of the homo sapien species, or am I a legal entity like the United States of America, Inc., state of California, inc., Los Angeles county, inc. of the incorporated city of Los Angeles?

Since the turn of the 21st-century laws and rights for everything from the criminal system to the entertainment industry have been rewritten and renegotiated to be more applicable to the digital age, but individual rights have remained stagnant if not regressive, The Who Am I movement seeks to rectify this issue.

In the entertainment industry, new contracts and laws were created to define the rules and protocols for the usage, storage, and replication of digital assets.  The same should be afforded to the digital records, profiles and patterns of the individual, especially with the invention of smartphones, apps and GPS tracking. These data points and metadata are the properties of the individual and should become income streams to the individual as royalty and license fees, not stolen and exploited by corporations.

Are we solely our natural-born collection of biology, chemistry, physics, ego, mind intellect, feelings, or are we also the summation of our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, email, website, credit reports, image and any other form of digital presence? Is our digital personality a public or private asset?

We intend to define in the courts and the legislature a fair and just system for our rights and who we are as a warm creative loving person, legal entity and digital profile.

We find that to take on this enormous patriotic, as well as intellectual and scientific approach, we cannot ignore the very system of oversight and regulatory procedures and protocols.  We are researching an educational approach to tax-paying citizens who pay the budgets of regulatory bodies that it’s a private/public partnership to improve entrepreneurship and safe environments or ecosystems that nurture, tutor and mentor our citizens in proper navigation of regulations so all have a fair playing field. 

More often than not we find that no single law firm, much less a single lawyer is completely versed in all the regulations of business, city, county, state,  federal taxes, FDA, FBI, UCC, SEC, EPA etc.  How can an individual citizen, dependent on the education or lack thereof, of their counsel be held accountable to the millions of regulations?  Regulators, instead of guiding their employers(the citizen taxpayer), have made incentives and careers to catch, intimidate or entrap naive citizens with technicalities as wrongdoers when the reality is well-intended and even humanitarian intentions can land one with bankrupting fines and even jail. These practices unnecessarily destroy lives, families, businesses and communities, not to mention the loss of jobs and healthcare. Education rather than punitive punishment should be the first response for all regulatory procedures and protocols. 

WHO AM I seeks to bring clarity to who we are as a united community of enlightened people in the pursuit of the highest purpose for the People of the United States. A guide to continue elevating, expanding, enhancing and enriching enlightenment for all will be our contribution to humanity and history.

Stage 1: Organizing Resolutionaries

Who will lead this movement and why are they the right person to do it?

George Todt is just the man to do it.  George has been involved with lobbying for successful enactment of federal environmental law, as well as proper filings in state, appellate and federal courts as well as managing millions of dollars in legal fees on various companies and nonprofits.  In addition, he has experience in collaboration with law schools, university professors and non-profits. After working and teaching in 12 countries, George has helped build several industries, from cat litter to email.  Designing and manufacturing the equipment of more than 300 factories in diverse industries, as well as automation, marketing and financing another 200 companies.

George’s experience and investment of millions of dollars in legal fees and government regulatory filings are dwarfed by his passion and undying commitment to bring reform, definition declaration and ethics to our justice and legal system for the non-privileged.  There are 300 million people not represented constitutionally today as our digital and traditional rights are eroding and disappearing.  WAI will be using state-of-the-art AI, social media consensus building and organizing our priorities as citizens in the courts and legislation.  We shall analyze as many or all cases from a digital data and rights point of view using a search engine and artificial intelligence to consolidate and define the consequences and consensus of American freedoms and trends.  In sports, umpires get to see an instant replay to get it right in a game.  Yet in prisons and destroying lives with innuendo, news and intimidation in business rarely do we get an instant replay or look at what really happened. Instead, we get technicalities and unfair financial advantages over and over in our courts.  Money WINS. We need $2 million dollars of technology and $1 million in research, lobbying and legal fees to begin the process of defining and creating precedence for our digital rights.  We intend to collect more than a million citizens estimated to have unfair legal procedures violating their rights together for court filings, actions and campaigns. We have a $2 million dollar budget for organizing university law schools, medical schools and sociology departments to support and develop Ph.D. programs for the benefit of the citizens' individual rights and health in providing innovative business lifestyles for the benefit of all.

How will WAI push the courts to define an individual’s digital rights?

We intend to establish through the courts and the legislature a fair and just system for defining and protecting our rights (digital and physical) constitutionally and economically. In the same way that the legislature attempted to protect our healthcare records in HIPAA, WAI intends to protect in a copyright-like way, which is given in the constitution,  a trademarked legal entity under the Constitution of the United States, Article 1, section 8, Clause 8 “authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries'' this includes all your personal private data, that presently is sold, resold, profiled, and analyzed without even a courtesy notice, much less a royalty. We have started to recruit individuals who have had experiences with their data or rights trampled upon or misused. We expect to create online forums, live seminars, to meet, record and document facts, evidence and affidavits to group and represent everyone in the court system and in the legislative efforts for recapturing their rights and value.  We will be filing for grants, working with law schools, and law firms to assist in our in-house team.  We expect to have 12 inside professionals coordinating outside contractors. Each case will give direction and establish precedence for advancing to the supreme court to establish and define the law.  With those cases, we use them to lobby the legislature with greater confidence.

  • What we seek to legally define for the modern era

    • Individual rights/freedoms (Especially in the digital realm)

    • Autonomy over one's own body

    • Personal Privacy and what that means in a digital environment 

    • Ownership and control over all aspects/data that makeup one’s digital identity.

    • The difference between rules/mandates/policies and actual law 

Why is this important?

Technology today is highly invasive to the point of reading, analyzing and tracking thoughts and behaviors of people’s digital footprint. That cache of information is then exploited to predict activity and events before an individual's own thought process. All of that data is our information! In the absence of a legal determination, the Facebooks, Amazons and Googles of the world have taken ownership over our digital identities by default rather than by right. These Corporate silos today have tyrannical power and have covertly taken that power from us.

How does this directly affect me?

Your digital data is used to manipulate who you interact with, what information is presented to you and what products are pushed in front of you, all while someone else profits off your data. Our very freedom of choice or free will has been silently thwarted by greed and power for control and profit. It’s time to take back, recover and protect your rights so you may pursue life, liberty and freedom afforded to all of us by the constitution of the United States. 

What will it take to achieve success?

A legal infrastructure capable of sustaining an increasingly aggressive push to build awareness and escort proposed changes to laws and regulations through the court system will need to be built.  A network of lawyers, activists and NGOs will be United to execute a long-term legal strategy based on winning examples from past activist and class action lawsuits. 

What is the most important immediate need, what will it accomplish and how much will it cost to get up and running?

The most important need is to stop incarceration, destruction of families and mental health by the abuse of personal data rights.  There have been gross injustices and interpretations which misuse citizens' data, violating administrative procedures and protocols of accessing peoples' data.  We could even say there is racketeering and intimidation of others to get data.  Many prosecutors and regulators become drunk with power and it's so easy for them to overstep the rules and laws with the true objective to further their personal careers and private practice.  These improprieties are common and the reason for the deterioration of our constitutional and digital privacy. Even popular reforms have stripped away digital privacy along with constitutional rights.  

We can begin to educate people about their own information, its value and assistance in achieving personal prosperity, health and freedom in happiness.  With a minimum million dollars, we can create collaborative efforts with other foundations, universities and associations to make an impact on everyone’s lives today and into the future.

Stage 2: Implementation 

What does success look like for WAI? 

Success is the empowerment of the full human potential physically, mentally and financially. We can use the tools that are currently being exploited by tech billionaires to enhance, enrich, expand and enlighten our potential in life.  Every Governmental system can be updated and pushed toward autonomy in a way that relegates both ineffective and corrupt politicians and bureaucrats obsolete. We expect to receive more than a million potential cases of which we will group some of them and take individual cases through the process.  Learning from the decisions of each one will give us an advantage over most law firms that get one case at a time. We expect to complete more than a thousand cases.

If successful, what will be the positive impact on society?

Immediately after defining and recovering our digital rights, we will be able to increase our physical health, mental health and potential with the rewards of a financially and spiritually fulfilling life, family, community and country. We become empowered for wealth and health in an enlightened society of cultural renaissance.

The restoration and recovery of our digital and all constitutional rights will reestablish a sense of who we are. It’s proven today in science and medicine that self-expression is essential for wellness and health. Who we are is the basis of who we can be which is the basis of our relationships with our family and community. Clearly defined and protected rights across the physical and digital realms will inspire a more productive, prosperous, educated and peaceful humanity.

If successful, what is the positive benefit to “me”?

We can establish “Universal Basic Income” for everyone by establishing our personal digital rights and being paid by those who we give permission to collect, analyze and use our data.

In Conclusion

The war to define the individual’s rights and privacy for the digital era has only just begun. It will take years to achieve victory, but the first battle starts today. With your support of the Who Am I campaign we will lay out the battlefield and establish a network of allies who can effectively contribute and sustain a multi-front legal attack. 

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