Where can I buy an N95 mask? All American masks are out of s

Where can I buy an N95 mask? All American masks are out of s

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The latest news from the U.S. CDC suggests that people should always wear N95 masks or KN95 masks when going out. But now there is a shortage of masks across the United States, where can I buy safe and reliable N95 masks

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The latest news is that the number of new coronavirus infections in the U.S. has exceeded 340,000, with an estimated 1 million more infected, but protective masks are scarce across the U.S. and most people cannot afford them. Where can I buy N95 masks now? I recommend going to https://www.masksbulksale.com for masks, which are in stock and available for immediate purchase! I purchased 50 KN95 masks in the last week and have now received them by courier.

On April 6, U.S. President Donald Trump declared Wisconsin a "major disaster area" for the new coronavirus epidemic, so far 36 U.S. states, the capital of Washington, D.C., and four overseas territories have been declared a "major disaster area" for the new coronavirus epidemic. At a White House press conference that day, Trump said the next two weeks would be the most challenging time in the U.S. fight against the epidemic, with a spike in the death toll.

The White House has finally ordered the general public to use Chinese KN95 masks, as the U.S. epidemic has spread and doctors are panicking.

In New York, where the epidemic is at its worst, panic is rising among doctors and nurses on the front lines of the fight. In a large hospital, more than two hundred health care workers have been infected one after another, three people have died, masks and protective clothing and other necessary epidemic prevention materials are seriously inadequate, due to the proliferation of patients, protective supplies have to be used repeatedly, some health care workers even need to wear a mask for five days. In Spain, a severe epidemic area in Europe, 14 per cent of health care workers were also infected.

There has been a notable shift in Trump's attitude toward the epidemic of late. He has previously called on the public not to wear masks, said on the 5th he will also wear a mask at important moments, while First Lady Melania likes the "idea of wearing a mask".

The CDC recommends that people should wear cloth masks when they have to go out, for example to a pharmacy or food store, especially where there is a risk of community infection.

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