When You Left Me On That Boulevard

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Kayla here, post-big-big-nap. The kind that left indentations in my face! The kind that made me feel groggy!

 I'm coming out of my first few hours of rest post-campaign to say:


Thank you. I've said this about a million times, so I'm sure I sound like a broken record to a lot of y'all, but for me, the gratitude hasn't worn off. Not one bit. And it never will. Thank you so much again for warmly embracing this film and our dream of a safe, fairly compensating work environment where everyone gets to thrive. It means so much that so many of you saw what we needed and responded to it in this way — with the most generative love, support, and excitement. 

I've mentioned this before — probably to the chagrin of my producers, lol — but I initially didn't want to crowdfund! I was anxious! I was scared! I hate asking people for things! Sometimes I really don't believe in myself no matter what good I do! But I'm so damn lucky that my producers — all friends from different eras and parts of my life — were there to hush my doubtful self with the utmost empathy and kindness. They went all in for one of the most difficult, laborious parts of pre-production. I can't thank them enough. I love y'all so much, David, Sam, Udoy, and Alifya.


And y'all, what a crew we're building — starting with the magical likes of Rajinee, Meryl, Matt, Natalie, and Will. Thank you for your ideas, creativity, and hypeee. Gah. What a privilege it is to make something with y'all. Y'all are so damn good at what you do AND you're nice people!!! What the heck! My brain goes splodey when I try to comprehend the power of this crewww!

And last, but not least, shouts out to the wonderful filmmakers and artists i'm lucky to be in community with — Marcelo, Sarah, and Emily. The exchange of ideas, resources, and support has been invaluable. I'm so lucky to have crossed paths with y'all in this here life. For real. Thank you. (And psssst: for all you patrons of the arts, Marcelo and Sarah are working on a fantastic film that has two weeks left of crowdfunding! Please make my dreams come true and support them so I can watch this dang movie!)


The team is off to rest, rest, rest, and then it's on to casting, locking locations, and riding the wave that'll inevitably lead into production before I even know it. What a dream this has all been and will continue to be. Grateful for y'all. Stay safe and warm.




P.S. After our rest period, we'll resume fulfilling incentives! Hit me up if you have any questions!

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