When cancer happens life keeps going

When cancer happens life keeps going

From Wendy Frey

I am trying to raise money to try to ease the burden on my husband who is fighting Stage 4 Colon Cancer with Mets to Liver and Lymph Nodes.

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My Husband and I have been together for 27 years, since we were teens. We have 4 children together. We were pregnant with our first child when he was 17 and I was 15. He is my best friend and he means the world to me. He has never had and health issues. He went for a colonoscopy back in July 2021. They diagnosed him with Stage 4 Colon Cancer with Mets to Liver and Lymph Nodes. We were in total shock and devastated. Him and I both work at Amazon together. He continued to work everyday, walking 10 hours a night picking orders. Then the end of January we rushed him to the ER. They did emergency surgery. They performed a colon resection. He now has a colostomy bag in place. The surgeon told him he has about a year. My husband so calmly said “Your not God, only God knows my time”. He was in ICU for a week. He was discharged from the hospital the first week on February. He was so weak when he got home. He can no longer work. He is getting disability. I have been on leave from work ever since this has happened. I’m not getting paid. We only have his little income which is hardly enough for food and necessities. We were giving him a lot of supplements to help with the cancer. Now we can no longer afford that. We have rent, utilities and cell phone bills. We have are car payment and car insurance payments. We are steadily falling behind on everything. We are scared to lose our transportation with everything that is going on. We have a refrigerator that we had to rent to own a while back and now we are getting ready to lose that. Our whole world has been turned upside down. Something has happened that we have no control of and now everything is crumbling. We haven’t even had time to really process everything that is going on because we are so busy stressing everyday over all the bills. My husband was raised in foster care. My grandma raised me, she passed 8 years ago. So neither of us have any family. This is all so scary. I just wish we could wake up and spend quality time together and make plenty of memories together. We stay so stressed over the bills and losing what we do have. I hate to see my husband so stressed. He is going through so much as it is and he is in constant pain. He can’t sleep because of tumor in rectum hurting so bad. He tries to lay or sit and it causes pressure and it burns really bad. He is a fighter. I just wish some of this stress could be relieved. We don’t own our home, we don’t own our car, we don’t have any furniture worth selling, we don’t have anything of value. We our out of options right now and asking for help.Thank you so much for your time. If you would be willing to help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. If you need proof of anything I would be willing to get that for you. Thank you, Wendy & Willard (Ray) Frey

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