Wheels for Wings

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We call this effort "Wheels for Wings." 

Our friend, Rana, is a political refugee from Afghanistan. She fled her native country during the fall of Kabul and secured refugee status in the United States. Rana is new to the West and the United States, and our country offers Rana unlimited possibilities. However, as a newcomer, it's challenging to start with nothing. However, Rana is undaunted and determined to succeed. She works multiple jobs and earns a modest wage. But despite her situation, Rana always smiles and is upbeat around everyone she encounters.

Rana recently got her driver's license. However, she doesn't own a car. So instead, Rana depends on her cousin to help her get to each job. Unfortunately, if her cousin has a conflict, Rana can't get to the jobs she desperately needs.

We aim to raise $20,000 to help Rana buy her first car. With everyone's help, we can quickly raise this money and help someone who would appreciate your help beyond all measure.

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